– by Joseph Jammer Medina

We’re not typically ones to cover celebrity gossip, or the personal controversies of the people involved with the entertainment we love, but this trending story has spilled over into our arena. Without getting into the particulars of the beef, Johnny Depp and his now former wife Amber Heard are amidst an ugly divorce. There’s all kinds of accusations going around, and the tabloids are eating it up. (Of course they are)

This week, the bitter dispute between the two crossed over and made its way onto the set of the Warner Bros/DC Films production, JUSTICE LEAGUE. Long before the controversial divorce, Heard was cast in the Zack Snyder blockbuster, and she was finally scheduled to get on over to London for her costume fittings this past week. Here’s where things get interesting:

She never came to London.

According to TMZ, her official reason for not coming was because the production itself told her that they’d like to reschedule the fitting because of her dramatic weight loss. See, Heard has dropped something like 20 pounds during this tremendously stressful period in her life, and the production didn’t think she was in proper physical shape to come in for costuming. 

Sounds pretty understandable, no? It makes sense, and is probably not a particularly rare occurrence (rescheduling a fitting). 

But Wait! There’s More!

According to Depp’s legal team, Heard used the fitting to get out of an important court appearance. She claimed she couldn’t attend the pivotal deposition because she had to be in London for JUSTICE LEAGUE duties, and Depp’s team is crying foul. Essentially, it’s the timeline of things that’s now under question. Was the trip to London rescheduled before or after she told the judge she wouldn’t be in town for the deposition?

Depp’s team claims it was before, and that she’s doing everything she can to avoid testifying under oath and cross-examination.

Wild stuff, boys and girls. Wild stuff.

We’ll see how this all shakes out, and if it continues to affect her involvement in JUSTICE LEAGUE.

SOURCE: TMZ (I know. Yuck.)

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