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Did You See The Famous Tower In The New Loki EP? Spoilers

Some Loki Season 2 plot SPOILERS have made their way online in the latest Barside Buzz. Mild spoilers, but be warned all the same.

Be warned if you have NOT seen Loki episode five: Journey Into Mystery you need to come back later.

Ok, if you are up to date on Loki then you might have seen that familiar tower from the first Avengers movie.

After the opening Marvel credits, we are taken through the ruins of a city that looks a lot like New York City.  As the shot focuses on Alioth the camera zooms by a tower that looks very familiar.  At the 3 minute mark we see a destroyed Stark tower but with the name QENG on it. You can check out the shot below to see.

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As you can see this is Stark tower but with the name Qeng on the side.  This could be a simple easter egg or a reference to Kang, one of the biggest villains against the Avengers. Kang is a time-traveling entity so it would make sense for remnants of Kang to show up in Loki.

While the name is spelled differently it is in line with the comic book version of the character.  In the comics Kang has several alternate versions of Kang appear including his respective future and past heroic selves, Immortus and Iron Lad. It would not surprise me if in the MCU instead of having differently named versions of Kang they would just be spelled differently.

Does the question now come if the theory that Kang is behind the TVA really true? Maybe there is one Kang that is trying to destroy all other versions of himself to be the ruler of the timeline? Or maybe there is someone else behind the TVA and Kang is just another pawn in the timeline.  The arrival of Kang in the MCU has already been announced with Jonathon Majors being cast as the character.  Majors will be the main villain in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantimania.

What do you all think? Is Kang behind the TVA or is there something else controlling the timeline? Let us know in the comments section below.

You can check out all episodes of Loki on Disney+ right now.

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