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With Marvel’s Inhumans less than a month away from their IMAX release, there are definitely a lot of mixed reviews about what we have seen so far in two trailers. The first trailer was released back in June and the second one premiered at Comic-Con last month. Leading the cast of the Royal Family are Black Bolt played by Anson Mount, Maximus played by Iwan Rheon and Medusa played by Serinda Swan. Audiences on YouTube were not too kind to the first trailer as it racked up over 38,000 dislikes.

Director of for ABC’s Inhumans Roel Reine talked to Metro.co.uk about the negative reactions to the first trailer. Surprisingly, he wasn’t too excited about the trailer either. He says:

“I was mixed about the first trailer as well. I felt like it didn’t give you the scope, it didn’t give you a lot of secrets or visual effects. I felt it was a little bit too early because the visual effects were not ready — Medusa’s hair was not ready. So I was really nervous about it and would think the fans would not really like it.”

The lack of effects was very noticeable in the trailer, there was not much in it to be excited about. As we can see Reine also thought that it was too soon for the footage to be released. But if the director himself was nervous about the footage, then why was it released? Reine gives us an answer to that question:

“But me as a filmmaker, as a director, you’re not involved with the marketing part of these things. The trailer was made by other people, so I really nervous about it when I saw it. So I was like, ‘oh guys maybe we should hold off,’ but it was too late because it was already in the open.”

I would think that the director would get some kind of say in the way the trailer gets cut, especially when the trailers are supposed to get people excited about their film. Soon after during Comic-Con the second trailer premiered which he was a lot happier with:

 “The second trailer really got all the fans back on track and they really like it now and they really want to see it. I was really happy with that second trailer.”

Although the second trailer was a lot better, I still thought that the effects weren’t very good, especially Medusa’s hair. I wonder what the reaction to the show would have been if the Comic-Con trailer would have been the first to drop? We will have to wait and see the first few episodes to see if it surprises us or if this ends up being another disappointment from Marvel. What do you think about the Inhumans television show so far? Chime in below!

Inhumans first two episodes arrive on September 1, and will premiere on television on September 29 on ABC.


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Source: Metro.co.uk

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