– by Campbell Clark

Probably the biggest story of the summer was the unexpected sacking of James Gunn from Marvel Studios for historical offensive Twitter posts. Everyone and their uncle has had a say on this series of events and there are wildly differing options out there for both those in the industry and fans.

It did seem for a time like Disney might be thinking of reversing their decision given the public support Gunn received form his Guardians of the Galaxy cast, but no. Gunn stayed out and instead Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was postponed indefinitely.

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In a recent interview with THR, Disney CEO whilst discussing all things Disney was asked specifically about the James Gunn situation. Whilst Iger makes it clear that his people came to him with the solution to sack Gunn, he also says he hasn’t thought of second guessing that decision.

“The James Gunn decision was brought to me as a unanimous decision of a variety of executives at the studio and I supported it.”

Iger was then asked about the backlash after the firing and whether he still supports the decision.

“I haven’t second-guessed their decision.”

So it appears like various unnamed executives at Disney came to Iger with the problem and the solution and Iger backed his people. Whether this turns out to be the right decision remains to be seen, but I think most fans of the Guardians movies had hoped that they’d find a way to somehow allow Gunn back in to complete his trilogy. Alas, this looks like it has zero hope of ever materialising and Gunn is now a hot target for other studios looking to snap him up.

What do you think of Iger’s comments? Are you annoyed or ready to just move on from this debacle now? Sound off in the usual place below.

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