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Disney’s Secrets of Sulphur Springs | Madeleine McGraw and Landon Gordon Interview [Exclusive]

Secrets of Sulphur Springs with Madeleine McGraw and Landon Gordon

The secret is out. In one of the more popular young adult shows with Disney’s Secrets of Sulphur Springs, Madeleine McGraw and Landon Gordon are having plenty of fun ghost hunting and learning about ghost stories in New Orleans.

The series head towards its season-ending with many mysteries yet to be unsolved and many more questions formed during the season.

For the second season, the returning cast includes Preston Oliver as Griffin Campbell; Kyleigh Curran as Harper Dunn and as Harper’s great-grandmother, Daisy Tremont; Ell Graham as Savannah; Josh Braaten as Griffin’s father, Ben Campbell; Kelly Frye as Griffin’s mother, Sarah Campbell; and Diandra Lyle as Harper’s mother, Jess Dunn. Also, Landon Gordon and Madeleine McGraw return as the twins, Wyatt and Zoey.

Here is the synopsis:

In season two of Secrets of Sulphur Springs, Griffin and Harper unravel new mysteries about The Tremont, and Harper follows the real ghost back to the 1930s to learn more about her family’s deep-seated connection to the hotel. When help from Savannah from her new life in 1962, the friends attempt to fix the time machine and bring back the portal before it’s too late and their lives are forever changed.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs is currently playing on the Disney Channel with its final season two episode tomorrow. The episodes are also streaming on Disney+.

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LRM Online’s Gig Patta chatted with Madeleine McGraw and Landon Gordon.

Read the interview below.

Gig Patta: Hey, congratulations on being back for Secrets of the Sulfur Springs.

Landon Gordon: Thank you.

Madeleine McGraw: Thank you.

Gig Patta: How does it feel being back for another season of this wonderful show?

Landon Gordon: It felt pretty good. We got the call a few months ago. We’re back for the whole season that dropped on Disney Plus. I got to watch it with my family. It was pretty good.

Maddie McGraw: It was so cool finding out that it got picked up for season two. I was so excited to hang out with everyone. It was awesome.

Gig Patta: What’s the best part of playing the siblings or the twins here of Wyatt and Zoe for both of you?

Madeleine McGraw: I love the banter with each other. They have these little negotiations constantly. They have this little ghosting hunting adventures and solving mysteries together. We’ll find out in season two if they solve anything.

Gig Patta: Landon?

Landon Gordon: Also in real life, Maddie is my best friend in real life. In Orleans every day, we would be on new adventures and go someplace new. We try new foods. It’s really fun to hang out with her.

Gig Patta: [Laughs] How did you two develop this chemistry last season? You two work well off of each other. Very, very well.

Madeleine McGraw: Thank you. Honestly, I have no clue. When we were at the hotel that we were staying at the time, we sat on the couch looking at each other. A few minutes later, we just started not-stop talking to each other.

Landon Gordon: Oh, I remember that. We met up with Preston. Then he invited both of us to his hotel to hang out. That’s where we bonded from thereon.

Gig Patta: In terms of hanging out in New Orleans, what is it like to be on the set of Secrets of Sulphur Springs?

Madeleine McGraw: It’s really cool to see the crew with the amazing sets that they worked so hard to make. Then again, it’s also really cool getting to be on the actual location for The Tremont. It’s actually really creepy in there–I’m not gonna lie. It’s fun getting to hang out in there and looking at all the creepy stuff.

Landon Gordon: I would say the same thing as Maddie. The Tremont was actually a real place. Sometimes we were in stages. Sometimes we would film on the set of Tremont. It’s an actual location. It was really fun getting to work there. The cast and crew were really nice.

Madeleine McGraw: Also, I think new Orleans was like the perfect setting for filming there. There are actually so many ghost stories in New Orleans. The town is known for its voodoo and similar stuff.

Landon Gordon: We even went on a ghost tour.

Gig Patta: [Laughs] I was going to ask. What were some of the ghost stories that you ended up learning about New Orleans?

Landon Gordon: There was one where there was a guy, who had his own room in New Orleans. I don’t remember the story since it was a few years ago. Do you remember that Maddie?

Madeleine McGraw: I remember a few stories. One, there was this restaurant that they have where they have a table just for the ghost. People would sit around the table with the glasses around the room. So I thought that was a really funny story.

Then there’s another story. Actually, there were a lot of stories, but this is just another one of them. There was this ghost, at certain times, coming in and out of the walls of a hotel and jumping into the other building. Then he’ll just disappear. That was another story. This story is actually pretty long, but I’m just summing it up.

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Gig Patta: Do either of you two actually believe in ghosts?

Madeleine McGraw: I do and I don’t at the same time.

Landon Gordon: I could be open to it. Maybe. I need something to convince me. Something that I could see or feel. If someone tells me about it–I don’t know. I have to be convinced.

Madeleine McGraw: So many people I know told me so many of their own ghost stories with ghost sightings that happened to them. I want something to actually happen to me in order to make me believe it. This one time in a hotel with my mom, as we were leaving and we turned off the lights. The lights immediately turned themselves back on. Again, we turned it off and it turned back on. That is our personal story of a ghost.

Gig Patta: Well, it’s probably just a coincidence, but who knows? Right?

Madeleine McGraw: Who knows?

Gig Patta: You both are telling me that there aren’t real ghosts at The Tremont. It’s just creepy.

Madeleine McGraw: At The Tremont? We’re not sure. Maybe. It was pretty creepy.

Landon Gordon: It was a real house one time.

Madeleine McGraw: In this house, there were these really old photos and old stuff. I want to say the stuff out of the fifties or long ago.

Landon Gordon: There was an old fridge with old food in there that we saw.

There were even these old baby dolls in boxes there. They would scare the life out of me. And Landon then decided to touch one of them.

Madeleine McGraw: Yeah! That doll had no head. Its head was ripped off. It was broken and cracked. Yeah. It was cool looking.

Gig Patta: Being on this show, it seems like it’s a lot of fun for you two.

Landon Gordon: Yes, it is. So it’s really fun.

Madeleine McGraw: The best part is just that everyone gets along so well.

Landon Gordon: We all have good chemistry.

Madeleine McGraw: What you see on screen is all real.

Gig Patta: That is great to hear. One more thing is what do you two personally like the best about this show that you think it works?

Landon Gordon: The mystery. The mystery is really cool. The ghost hunting.

Madeleine McGraw: It’s a really fun show. That’s why everyone likes it so much about it. They try to solve the mystery along with us. People send me their theories on the show. Oh my, gosh. I can’t respond to that. Some of them are so spot on. It was crazy.

Landon Gordon: We got clues from Disney Channel. We got little clues every week before the episode.

Gig Patta: Since Maddie brought it up. Do you like interacting with fans about the show?

Landon Gordon: She really does.

Madeleine McGraw: Whenever I’m online, I ask if anyone has any questions about the show. I love answering them so much. It’s the love to see how excited they are to see the next episode. Or even to hear about their theories. I love their theories so much.

Gig Patta: [laugh] This is my final question. It is for you, Landon. How do you enjoy wearing that hat after two seasons?

Landon Gordon: When it first came to me, it was exciting. It was comfy. Now in the second season, not too much because it was actually humid. It would get really, really sweaty. I mean, I love my hat. It got a little gross season during the season. That’s a bit of the downside.

Madeleine McGraw: [Laughs]

Gig Patta: You two are such a joy to talk to about the Secrets of Sulfur Springs. Thank you for sharing all your stories. I can’t wait to finish watching the series and have season three.

Madeleine McGraw: I hope you enjoy the rest of the episodes.

Landon Gordon: Thank you so much for having us.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs is currently playing on the Disney Channel with its final season two episode tomorrow. The episodes are also streaming on Disney+.

Source: LRM Online Exclusive, Disney

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