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*Beware: This Post Includes Spoiler-ish Details From The Prequel Comic Book For DOCTOR STRANGE*


Up until now, we haven’t had much to go on when it comes to Mads Mikkelsen’s villainous character in Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE. He was barely glimpsed in the first trailer, and it’s been hard to find out anything about the character aside from his name, Kaecilius.

Until now, that is.

Thanks to a prequel comic, written by Will Corona Pilgrim and drawn by Jorge Fornes, we’ve got some details about the villain Mikkelsen plays in DOCTOR STRANGE:

  • He wasn’t always bad
  • He was a member of The Masters, alongside Wong, The Ancient One, and more
  • He’s a Master of the Mystic Arts
  • His signature weapons are a pair of Scythe daggers, unlike the other Masters who use staffs
  • In the prequel, he’s searching for a mysterious staff that can swallow light and harness darkness
  • That staff could have something to do with the dark energy seen in ABC’s AGENT CARTER

Here are a few images from the DOCTOR STRANGE prequel comic that show Kaecilius, and a few of the Masters, in action:

I have a feeling that his story is going to evolve into one of those classic tropes where, once he gets the staff, the power of it consumes him and leads him to the dark side. By the time we meet him in DOCTOR STRANGE, he’s been corrupted by the power of the mystical staff.

So, there you have it. We’ve finally got some details about Mikkelsen’s DOCTOR STRANGE character. Now if we can just get some info on his character in that other big Disney joint he’s in this year, ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, that’d be awesome.

SOURCE: Comic Book