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Last night, as I sat in a bar not unlike Paddy’s Pub from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, having a night that was almost as absurd as an episode of that show, I got word that Ben Affleck had stepped down as director The Batman. I felt all kinds of things. For one, it was a body blow because I had hoped Affleck would sort out his affairs with Warner Bros. and make a classic Batfleck Batflick. But I also almost felt a small sense of, “Well, it’s not like I didn’t warn everyone.”

But then I drank more beer, and started thinking less about the past and more about the future. The pal I was there with last night made an interesting suggestion when I shared with him what was going on. The first words out of his mouth upon hearing the news? “Kevin Smith should direct it!

Now, my friend was just speaking from his gut. He loves Smith; He knows Smith loves Batman and DC; He knows that Smith and Affleck were thick as thieves back in the day. So on the surface, that suggestion made sense. But I thought on it, and I immediately knew it’d be a terrible idea and that it wouldn’t happen. 

As I touched on as part of my comprehensive, ongoing DCEU column series, Smith has already been burned by Warner Bros. and their management of DC. In Column #2 (CLICK HERE) I shed some light on some of the notoriously heinous things Warner Bros. was cooking up during the period when they hired Smith to write Superman Lives for Tim Burton- a film which would star Nicolas Cage as the Last Son of Krypton. 

Outside of that tarnished history, Smith also just isn’t a great fit for a movie like The Batman, especially as it would exist in the current state of the DC Extended Universe. So within moments of my buddy mentioning this idea, I shrugged it off and moved on.

Turns out, though, he wasn’t alone…

A great many people took to social media with the idea of Smith, who hosts a podcast called Fatman on Batman, directing The Batman now that his friend Affleck had stepped down. It was such an instant trending topic that Smith has already responded to it:

I’m flattered,” Smith said in his tweet. â€œBut 3 things make me directing Batman impossible: 1) Haven’t spoken to Ben in years. 2) I made @YogaHosers, 3) Common sense.

Yeah, Kevin. We’re not going to disagree with you.

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