The Neighborhood: Earthquake On Being A Guest As The Neighborhood’s Barbershop Owner [Exclusive Interview]

There’s going to be some big laughs this Monday night. Earthquake size laughs.

Standup comedian Earthquake will guest star on the upcoming episode of CBS’s The Neighborhood.

Earthquake will be playing the local barbershop own in the neighborhood, who befriends Dave (played by Max Greenfield). However, Calvin (played by Cedric the Entertainer) becomes jealous of his barbershop friends being friendly to his next door neighbor.

This episode of The Neighborhood will air this Monday, November 12. The show airs every Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

LRM Online had an exclusive interview with Earthquake via phone as he was doing a promotion for the show at a local barbershop in Los Angeles.

Read our exclusive interview below.

LRM: I understand you’re at a barbershop this morning? [Laughs]
Earthquake: We’re at a barbershop this morning [to promote] an episode of The Neighborhood. I’m the owner of the barbershop. I’m the owner of the barber shop, the fictitious barbershop on TV show. Not at the actual one we going to now.

LRM: [Laughs] Of course, of course. That’s awesome. I’m sure fans will enjoy it.

Earthquake: I’m hoping and praying that they do.

LRM: Tell me how they approach you to be on the show for The Neighborhood.

Earthquake: I’m very blessed to be doing the show with Cedric, the star of the show. He’s of a friend of mine for so long. Of course, it’s also with Tishina Arnold, I’ve done a show with her too with Everybody Hates Chris. It was an opportunity. I was pleasantly surprised and flattered that they chose me to be a part of the TV show.

LRM: What role or what TV character are you playing for the show?

Earthquake: I played this character owner of the barbershop, Q, which is the neighborhood barbershop for the TV show, The Neighborhood.

LRM: What do you get to do on the show besides just being an owner? Are you cracking jokes? Are you going to cut his hair?

Earthquake: I’m the owner of the shop, the neighborhood barbershop. I’ve been cutting Calvin’s hair for 30 years. If you know anything about African-American black barber shop–it’s more like below the church. It is where we gather in what’s going on in the neighborhood. That’s it. We’re all down there at the barbershop. We all from the neighborhood.

LRM: How was it working with Cedric on the show? Just for this particular scene?

Earthquake: It was excellent. I mean flattering to be on CBS network show and have a prominent role on the show. It was a blessing and it was great. The crew was great. The cast was great. The whole thing was great.

LRM: What in particular do you like about this show The Neighborhood?

Earthquake: It shows that we as people have more in common than we have separate. If we can get away from our irregularities of our regular lives and just let those options go down. You have learned that we all do the same thing, just do it a different way. I think that show highlights that.

LRM: That’s an excellent answer. I love that. [Laughs]
Earthquake: Thank you.

LRM: With this experience, did you enjoy being in front of a live studio audience?

Earthquake: Oh, yes. I did. I enjoyed live studio audience. Every weekend, I’m more comfortable with a live audience.

LRM: Was there a lot of improv on your part or was there more improv on Cedric’s part?

Earthquake: I mean you really have to stick with the script, but the script is so great. It was so easy just to follow. They have great writers.

LRM: Of course, being a barbershop scene, Dave, played by Max Greenfield had a pretty large role. How has working with him?

Earthquake: Max is great, man. It’s my first time meeting him. I see on why they chose him. He’s a very experienced actor. He’s great. I’ve learned a lot from him.

LRM: Terrific. Can you talk a little bit more about your future projects that you may actually have as a standup comedian?

Earthquake: I’ve had my own radio show right now. You can catch me on Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud. On radio, Sirius XM Channel, it’s called Quake’s House. It airs from 1 to 3 Pacific Time and 4 to 6 Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. You can get that. I’m about to do my own one night stand. I’m also own a couple other TV shows that I’m developing my own show. I’m also on the new development project that they released in January or February called the South Side. It’s talking about the South Side of Chicago. I’m on tour with me and Mike Epps. You have to do is go to my social media at the real earthquake. I’d be in the city near you, man.

LRM: [Laughs] You are so busy. I don’t even know how you find time for anything else.

Earthquake: That’s what happens when you have four kids. For me, it seems like I just don’t make enough for them.

LRM: Tell me, does comedy come naturally for you?

Earthquake: Yeah, it does. But, I don’t want to sound arrogant. I do work at it. The system makes sure that my environment is sterile as long as I keep my mind open for creative lane.

LRM: Do you want to show like Cedric? Like eventually, like on television?

Earthquake: Oh, yeah. That’s my dream is to have my own sitcom.

LRM: Excellent. Hey, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you. I can’t wait to check out this episode. I think I saw previews are ready for it.

Earthquake: Okay. Well thank you. Please check it and approve it.

Source: LRM Online Exclusive

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