Eisenberg Explains Why His Lex Luthor Will Be Different

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a mere nine months away. What once seemed like “What? 2016?!? No one will be ALIVE then!” is now, practically, right around the corner. With the release of such a hotly-anticipated film on the way, we can expect loads of interviews and soundbites to flood these here inter-webs. Today’s morsel comes from an MTV interview with Jesse Eisenberg, the man entrusted with bringing Lex Luthor to fresh new life. 

He’ll be only the third man to play the iconic villain in a feature film, but while Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey essentially played the same version of the character since Superman Returns was a spiritual sequel to the Richard Donner films, Eisenberg is going to be forging an all-new take on Lex for the world to (hopefully) enjoy. The topic of past Luthors came up during the interview, and Eisenberg explained what will set his portrayal aside from the campy con artist seen in previous Superman films:

“No, it is an entirely different thing. […] The tone of that movie is so different. Like, that movie wouldn’t be made now. Like, the way we expect movies to be now is to have some kind of- I mean, it’s probably for the best- there’s some kind of more psychological accuracy. That the person is coming from a place that’s probably diagnosable in some way. This is a depiction of a person who thinks these things.”

So it sounds like his take will be more grounded, realistic, and psychological. When the actor was asked if there was something in particular that drew him to accepting that part, he said, “Yeah! It’s called ‘Look at all those zeros on my check!!!’

Eisenberg, observing as Warner Bros backs the Money Truck into his driveway.

Eisenberg, observing as Warner Bros backs the Money Truck into his driveway.

Okay. That last part didn’t happen. Here’s how he actually responded. But first, let’s play a drinking game. Take a shot every time Eisenberg says the word “character.” GO!:

I think of it as a wonderful opportunity. It’s a really great character. It was written by this guy, Chris Terrio, who’s a phenomenal writer. He comes from a place of character. He loves my character in the same way I love my character. He put a lot of work into it. It’s a great character. There’s an emotional core to character. It’s not a silly villainous character.

Here’s the video version of the interview for those that can’t read good:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will arrive in theaters on March 6, 2016!


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