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Elseworlds: Part 2 — Can The Crisis Be Stopped?

Tonight brings us Part 2 of the Elseworlds cross-over event!  After last night’s episode, it looks like we have a lot in store! Will fans enjoy the trip to Gotham City? Read on to find out!

Star City — The episode starts strong with Diggle and A.R.G.U.S. having to take down Slade’s son Kane Wolfman (aka Joe Wilson) in his Deathstroke suit! In the comics, Slade’s son becomes The Ravager with similar qualities, but he was definitely wearing the recognizable costume from Arrow! (Please let us see more of him at some point.)  What a great start!  This is why I love the crossover events, because they have so many good Easter Eggs.

Now Team Arrow has the opportunity to witness the current issue with Barry and Oliver.  However, they do not tell Felicity, which adds more strain to their relationship. More awesome comic nods occur as Barry talks about The Batman whom Oliver doesn’t believe in and sees as a myth.  He also claims that he was the original vigilante!  Great stuff!

Gotham City — Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl plan to speak with Vesper Fairchild while in Gotham (who is also from the comics) while Barry throws Oliver under the bus for probably sleeping with her.  The banter between the two has been great!  They are amazing foils of each other who couldn’t be more different but each of their unique characteristics complement the others’.

The three venture around Gotham and continue to talk about how dead the city is.  The cops recognize Barry (as Oliver) which compromises the group due to everyone knowing his secret identity now. After getting into trouble and getting bailed out of jail, they are taken to the individual who got them out of jail.  Apparentl,y Batman has been gone for three years, but someone else has taken over in his absence…

Enter Batwoman — Kate Kane bailed them out, but why? She reveals that Batman and Bruce left Gotham and it has gone to a different level of hell (a nice nod with the wifi password of the building being “Alfred”). Viewers do find out that Bruce and Kate are cousins, and Kara reveals that her cousin (Superman) is “frienemies” with Bruce. This episode has really stepped up the intricacies of the DC Universe, and it has been awesome (did you catch the Batman 66 Easter Egg with the statue?!) I was somewhat unsure of how Batwoman would be portrayed, but Ruby Rose does a wonderful job playing the heroine.

Arkham Asylum — The group has to gain access to Arkham since Dr. Deegan works there.  Barry Allen from Earth-90 tried to breach to Earth-1 in order to tell them to get the book that Deegan has.  As they try to admit Caitlin into Arkham (another awesome reference as the nurse claimed they had people there who try to freeze things), we got a glimpse of some of the cells showing Cobblepot (Penguin), Isley (Poison Ivy), Karlo (Clayface), Nigma (Riddler), Guggenheim (nice one to end on), which was awesome to see.  I love actually seeing the connected worlds. As Diggle and Oliver make their way to Dr. Deegan’s office, they realize that the doctor realizes who he actually is!

Let Loose — Dr. Deegan frees the inmates in order to buy himself some time to escape.  While this is happening an inmate is looking through the evidence room where we see Bane’s mask (above) and Captain Boomerang’s boomerang! Oliver returns some of the inmates to their cells (including Cobblepot who we unfortunately don’t get to see!) While Killer Frost fights off the inmate using Mr. Freeze’s gun, Batwoman arrives to join the action, and her first scene is pretty awesome! As Oliver and Barry come to help Caitlin, Oliver throws lightning knocking down a batch of Dr. Crane’s (Scarecrow) fear toxin!  If you are a Batman fan, then this episode is extremely entertaining with all of the name drops!

The fear toxin obviously brings back their worst fears in the forms of…Malcolm Merlyn!  How great it was to see John Barrowman again! Tom Cavanagh also showed up to reprise his role as Reverse Flash in the fearful hallucinations. When Caitlin gains her consciusness back, she sees Oliver and Barry fighting.  What was extremely well done here was that Barry thinks he sees the Dark Archer, and Oliver thinks he sees Reverse Flash, but they end up fighting each other due to the fear gas. Batwoman takes matters into her own hands stopping the two.  Kara knows Batwoman is Kate Kane, and mentions that they would be a great team one day to which Kane replies, “World’s Finest”.  Well done writers, well done.

The Book — Supergirl retrieved the book from Deegan, and the team brought it back into their own care. Barry and Oliver have another heart-to-heart where they both have a new found respect for each other after living in each other’s shoes.

As the team tries to unlock the book, Barry Allen from Earth-90 arrives.  Just as they did with the Smallville music yesterday, Barry’s arrival is accompanied by the music from the 1990’s Flash, which was completely nostalgic for me!  He tells the team that The Monitor is the one behind the book (who is tied to the Infinite Crisis in the comics).  Could this lead to Barry being lost in the Crisis like the news article has said for the past five seasons? The Monitor is testing the Earths in preparation for a collision of the realities for the Crisis that is planned to happen. So far, Earth-1 is the only one that has put up a fight for the impending doom that is said to be worse than The Monitor.

The Monitor returns the book to Dr. Deegan who changes reality yet again and makes Barry and Oliver wanted men. This time, they don’t have their powers and are being arrested by the police, who are comprised of Slade’s son, Merlyn and Diaz!  Ahh, this is great! As the two try and escape the run into even bigger problems…Dark Superman!

Part 1 was great, and Part 2 was even better!  I am definitely enjoying the cross-over event.  What will the end of the event bring us?  Will Barry be lost in the Crisis, or could the outcome possibly lead to that?  How will they defeat Dark Superman?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

Tune in for the conclusion of the Elseworld’s cross-over event tonight on Supergirl at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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