– by Jace Milam

In this episode we discuss:

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode 341

Phoenix Files with Stephan Franck


  1. Remind our listeners what Silver is all about
  2. In volume #3 things seemed to be spiraling out of Finnegan’s control, is that about creating drama/conflict to tell a great story or is there something else driving it?
  3. Are you still telling the story as you originally planned it or has it changed organically?
  4. How has the reception been, lots of returning readers?
  5. What can you tell us about the kickstarter for volume 4?
    1. Go Check Out the Kickstarter for Volume #4
  6. Is there anything you are doing differently with the Kickstarter this time around?
  7. Any plans on moving Silver beyond the printed page?
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