– by Jace Milam

In this episode we discuss;

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode 402

Hot Lunch Special with Eliot Rahal


  1. Quick Intro
    1. History with Comics
    2. Previous Work
  2. Hot Lunch Special
    1. What’s the story all about?
    2. Why did you choose the Midwest as a setting?
    3. What inspired you to mix a tale of the American Dream fulfilled with hard-boiled crime?
    4. Life gets complicated and some of our most complicated relationships are with family, is this a theme you want to explore in the book?
    5. How did you hook up with Jorge Fornes for this project?
    6. How much did he help with the look and feel of the world? Characters?
    7. What’s your experience like working with AfterShock?
    8. Anything else you would like to share with our listeners?
    9. Social Media
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