– by Jace Milam

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The Comic Source Podcast

Episode 546

AfterShock Monday: Hot Lunch Special Creative Team from NYCC 2018

Jace talks about a couple of AfterShock titles about to his the stands this week. He also gives his thoughts on the story unfolding in Hot Lunch Special over the first three issues, as well as a chat with the creative team for Hot Lunch Special from the floor of NYCC 2018.

Patience! Conviction! Revenge! #2

Writer – Patrick Kindlon, Artist – Marco Ferrari, Colorist – Patrizia Comino, Letterer – Jim Campbell

Animosity Evolution #8

Writer – Marguerite Bennett, Artist – Eric Gapstur, Colorist – Rob Schwager, Letterer – Marshall Dillon

Hot Lunch Special

Writer – Eliot Rahal, Artist – Jorge Fornes, Letterer – Taylor Esposito