– by Jace Milam

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The Comic Source Podcast

Episode 553

A Chat with Juan Ferrerya From NYCC 2018

Jace chats with artist Juan Ferrerya about his run on Green Arrow, how passion for a character can affect how you work on a project and some news about what’s to come for Juan.

  1. You first came to our attention on Green Arrow, how did that gig come about?
  2. Did you grow up a comic fan?
  3. Had you always been a fan of the character?
  4. Do you think it makes for better art when an artist loves the character he/she is working on?
  5. You handed the majority of the art duties on the title, from penciling to inking to coloring, can you tell us what your process is like?
  6. Do you prefer to handle all the art workload?
  7. Do you feel like color work specifically gives you better control over the mood, ton or feel of the art and therefore the story?
  8. What are you currently working on?
  9. Anything else to hare with our listeners?

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