– by Jace Milam

In this episode we discuss;

AfterShock Monday: A Walk Through Hell #8 & Oberon #2 Previews

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode #748

Jace takes a spoiler-free look at a couple of AfterShock titles hitting stands this Wednesday. A Walk Through Hell hits its stride and kicks the story up to the next level and Oberon moves on form the setting of the story’s framework in the first issue to starting to flesh out the characters of Oberon and Bonnie.

A Walk through Hell #8

Writer – Garth ennis, Artist – Goran Sudzuka, Colorist – Ive Svorcina, Letterer – Rob Steen

Oberon #2

Writer – Ryan Parrott, Artist – Milos Slavkovic, Letterer – Charles Pritchett