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Ex-deputy So-&-So is out to stop the supernatural.

James Ransone returns to “Sinister 2,” a franchise about mysterious homes that are marked for death. He stars alongside Shannyn Sossamon, a mother of young boys who are being haunted.

The movie is directed by Ciaran Foy.

“Sinister 2” is available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download today.

Latino-Review: Tell me on how you got re-involve back in the franchise.

James Ransone: It’s that I’m the only surviving character. In a way, they’re like “Oh, fuck. This is who we have to write the movie for.” Honestly, I was just probably lucky. The audiences had a positive response to the first one.

Latino-Review: Could you talk about your expanded role from a supporting character to a lead character?

James Ransone: I felt pretty nervous about it. I was the comedic relief in the first one. I had to expand that into the more heroic character. It’s sort of the entry point that I could find in developing that. I was a lot inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp character. So that’s pretty much whatever I did.

Latino-Review: In the sequel, you probably did a lot more preparation this time around. There are a little romanticism and a lot more jump scares in this one.

James Ransone: Oh, yeah. I wasn’t really involved with the scary stuff in the first one. I showed up and said a bunch of funny stuff—then went home.

Latino-Review: How was working in the romance scenes with Shannyn Sossamon?

James Ransone: She’s a really easy person to work around. She’s really beautiful. That definitely made it easier.

Latino-Review: Scott [Derrickson] didn’t have a chance to direct this time around due to his own schedule. Talk about the style of the new director, Ciaran Foy, in the sequel compared to Scott.

James Ransone: Ciaran is really great. He has a great sense of humor. It’s super-easy and fun to work with him.

Latino-Review: On what I was trying to get at is how did Ciaran do things differently from Scott?

James Ransone: I’m not sure. Every director has their own style on how they do things. Every director will bring something that is interesting and unique. Ciaran has his own voice in the way to tell things. It’s hard to qualify on what it is. Whatever it is, it complements Scott’s style very well.

Latino-Review: Talk to me about working with the kids on the set.

James Ransone: They were great. They hadn’t done a lot of stuff. Sometimes you never know what you’ll get with kids and they were wonderful.

Latino-Review: Did you always wanted to be in a horror franchise like this one?

James Ransone: No, I didn’t really think about it. It’s not like it was my childhood dream to be the lead in a horror franchise. I was super thankful and lucky that anybody would put me in the lead.

Latino-Review: What kind of roles are you attracted to then? Would it be something a little more comedic like the first one?

James Ransone: Yeah, I’m naturally [funny]. Performance-wise, I naturally will go for the joke. It’s probably not a good habit, but that’s what I do.

Latino-Review: Your character, as I was researching it, everyone kept on referring as Deputy So-&-So. I don’t know if I caught it in the sequel, but did they finally gave you a name or is that still a running joke?

James Ransone: Nah, it’s still a running joke.

Latino-Review: If you would have to give Deputy So-&-So a name—what name would you give him?

James Ransone: What if he got a woman’s name? Maybe like Rebecca Heimanweiser. That would be just plain awful. So I wouldn’t tell my name to anyone.

Latino-Review: Could you talk to me about some of your future projects?

James Ransone: I’m doing “Mr. Right,” which is going to come out this year with Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell. I also have “In a Valley of Violence,” which will be out early this year that Ti West directed. “Tangerine” is out and cleaning up the awards circuit right now. That’s all fun.

Latino-Review: Terrific. Thank you for this conversation.

“Sinister 2” is available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download today.

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