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The illustrated novel written by Rasmus Berggreen and Michael Vogt, “Fall of Gods,” is getting the big screen treatment. The film is set to be directed by THE MAZE RUNNER‘s Wes Ball, and it’s just been announced who is going to pen the screenplay. It’s a guy with a very varied and very extensive resumé.

Stuart Beattie is the man tapped to write the FALL OF GODS film, and a look at his oeuvre turns up very interesting and extremely varying results.

For starters, the Tracking-Board report that reveals his hiring refers to him as the writer of I, FRANKENSTEIN. That movie was a bomb and a mess, so it’d be easy to write Beattie off. But then you dig a little deeper and you see that Beattie also wrote the extremely tense and gripping Michael Mann film COLLATERAL, had a hand in writing the movie that launched the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise, the horror flick 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, and the forgettable first G.I. JOE movie. So he’s kind of all over the place, but- as we’ve learned- writers spark to different projects. Hopefully, FALL OF GODS gets Beattie’s A-game.

Here’s a description of the FALL OF GODS book, courtesy of Amazon:

A uniquely realised illustrated novel, Fall of Gods brings the legacy of the Norse mythology to life in a new and breathtaking way.

The gods have long ago vanished. In their place, two rivaling races now inhabit Midgard; humans and jotnar. Fifteen years ago, a coalition of chieftains drove the jotnar race from Midgard. Now, from each side of the border, humans and jotnar eye each other with hatred and suspicion.

When his wife, the estranged daughter of one of Midgard’s most powerful chieftains, is mysteriously kidnapped, a retired warrior takes up the hatchet and sets out to rescue her. But he risks unleashing the wild demon buried deep within him and losing his soul in the process. His journey will bring him into conflict with terrible forces as a cynical plot is revealed and the dark mythological past of the North begins to awaken once more.

Sounds like this could be pretty interesting. We’ll see how it all plays out.

SOURCE: Tracking-Board