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When you hear Vin Diesel talk about them, you’d think the recurring cast of the FAST & FURIOUS franchise are like family. Ever since the untimely passing of Paul Walker, there’s been an overriding message from the cast of these films that they’ve created incredible bonds with one another over the years, and that losing Walker was like losing a brother. 

It would appear that Dwayne Johnson doesn’t feel quite as rosy about things…

The actor, and former full-time professional wrestler, took to social media last night to put some of his male co-stars on blast. Johnson, who used to taunt opponents as “The Rock” when he was in the WWE by calling them “Rudy Poo Candy A$$es,” dusted off that old phrase while shining a spotlight on what he calls incredibly “unprofessional” conduct by some of his male co-stars on the set of FAST 8.

Here’s the post:

This cryptic message, which doesn’t name names, was posted with a screen grab from a video depicting Johnson in character as Hobbs, laying some dudes out. The implication some may take away from this is that he’s referring to who ever is in that scene with him, which we’ll see when FAST 8 comes out next year. But, again, there’s no way to know for sure. 

So we don’t know who did what, but we know that Johnson- one of the biggest stars in Hollywood- is delivering a very loud and clear message to them that they’d better watch how they conduct themselves. 

Very interesting situation.

What do you make of it?

FAST 8 comes out on April 14, 2017.

SOURCE: Facebook