Final Fantasy 7 Remake: When Will The Next Chapters Hit?

At this point, fans all over have completed Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Personally, I’m still only around 20 hours into it, but I know plenty of big fans who have pretty much driven the game into the ground. You can guarantee essentially no stone has been left unturned in Midgar by the hardest of hardcore fans. As such, you can bet your ass they already have their eyes to the future. Final Fantasy 7 Remake was fun, but it was only a fraction of the original story.

Given how long it’s taken for this first part to hit store shelves, fans (this one included) are concerned we’re in for another five-year wait. Adding to that concern is the simple question of how many parts the series will be. If it’s going to be a handful, will this series finally finish when we’re well into our 60s? 

Okay, let’s back up a bit and hear what the creatives have to say. In Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania, which is a guide and lore book in Japan, the question is addressed.

“We have a rough idea on that, but it’s not been completely decided yet. It’s impossible to talk about this right now. It seems that many people think it will become a trilogy,” producer Yoshinori Kitase said. 

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It was already an unhelpful statement. All it really says is that many people internally (the internal part is an assumption on my part) think it’ll be a trilogy. But as unhelpful as that was, director Tetsuya Nomura went on to say the following.

“It all depends on how many parts we make,” — cue the “no s**t, Sherlock” comment from me. “If we separate it into bigger chunks it will take more time, but if we take smaller portions it can be done on a shorter span. Personally, I would like to deliver it fast.”

Okay, so they don’t really know for sure how many parts it will be. My assumption from the get-go was that it would be a trilogy. This was mostly due to the fact that I’ve always felt like Midgar made up roughly one-third of the story. That being said, that varies from person to person and playthrough to playthrough, so it’s hard to say.

However, given how many years this first game took to complete, you can understand our concern over how long this whole thing would take. It doesn’t really sound like they have much of a plan moving forward. Yes, they may have a workable engine to build on, but it’s Square Enix. At the end of the day, we have now idea how much work they’re willing to throw out the window to create something different.

So, when is the next game coming? Your guess is as good as mine. 

When do you think the next chapter of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will hit? Let us know your best guesses down below!

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