– by Campbell Clark

Late yesterday we revealed many details about Disney + after the big presentation revealing the service and some of the content. Our own Manny Gomez wrote up the story about a new animated series that will appear on the streaming service under the Marvel franchise. Marvel will be making a What If? series of animated stories which will depict what-if scenarios within the Marvel universe.

It sounds really interesting and further to Manny’s report Disney also revealed details of what the first episode would entail. What if Peggy Carter instead of Steve Rogers had been given the super soldier serum? How would things have been different with Peggy donning the iconic shield and what about the still skinny and weak Steve Rogers? This is the central question that will be asked in the first episode of this What If? series. It is not known for certain whether the likes of Hayley Atwell or Chris Evans would be voicing the characters, but there seems to be a high chance given Kevin Feige’s comments that these animated stories would feature,

“new and returning cast members will be lending their voice to the animated counterparts.”

Voice work does tend to be handled by less prominent actors whenever a franchise goes animated and frankly it’s an aspect I have always disliked. For a start, voice work for an actor is far less demanding than an actual movie shoot, an actor can record an entire season of voice work in 1-2 days of recording. It gets recorded in a nice comfortable studio with coffee and snacks on hand and if they so desired they could turn up to work without their hair done in a pair of shorts.

My point is that the reason lesser actors are often used is simply a budget reason i.e. it costs less to get a less well known actor, yet I feel an animation can lose something through this. I am personally not a huge fan of The Clone Wars cartoons for Star Wars for this very reason, the stories are decent, the animation is great, but I hate hearing what for me feels like bad impressions coming from the voice actors. Personally, I reckon my Yoda is far superior to the one featured on The Clone Wars and if you want to test that theory feel free to tune in to Kyle Malone’s monthly Cantina Last Call Podcast where I occasionally slip into Yoda speak, maybe you’ll strongly disagree with my assessment.

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So I really, really hope that Feige gets these actors to do the voice work for these shows, because it adds an extra layer of quality and authenticity that I feel would be lacking without them. What comes next after Peggy Carter is unknown, but an example used to describe the series was a ‘What if Loki instead of Thor had picked up Thor’s hammer as his own?’

Personally, I am just excited that Disney + is 100% coming to Europe, as I am definitely subscribing to this one.

Are you excited to see Marvel’s What If? series play out on Disney + and do you agree with me above the voice actors being important? Sound off in the usual space below.

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SOURCE: Disney + Presentation