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There is a lot of hype building around this year’s Arrowverse crossover that will feature The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl in December. First, there is the introduction of Ruby Rose as Batwoman, then recently we have been interested in some of the images with Arrow, played by Stephen Amell and Flash, played by Grant Gustin wearing each other’s costume. Also, there will be another character making his live-action television debut, The Monitor.


Via the Twitter account Canadagraphs, we now have our first look at Mar Novu aka The Monitor, played by LaMonica Garrett on the set of the Arrowverse crossover. In DC Comics, the Monitor’s job is to watch over the Multiverse, preventing crossovers between the universes and only get involved in times of crisis. This means that things must be very bad if he is to arrive during this crossover event. You can check it out below!

From what we can see in the image, it looks to be an accurate representation of the character. Hopefully, we can get an official image from Warner Bros. soon. The Monitors were created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez and first appeared in DC Comics’ DCU: Brave New World special in August of 2006.

In the upcoming Elseworlds crossover we will see our heroes Green Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl in Gotham City. Along with the already mentioned introduction of Batwoman and also Lois Lane, played by Elizabeth Tulloch. Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin will also be appearing in the event.

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The CW’s 2018 Elseworlds crossover will begin with a special episode of The Flash on Sunday, December 9th, Arrow on Monday the 10th and concluding with Supergirl on a special night on the 11th. All three shows will be aired at 8:00 pm.

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Source: Twitter