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A couple days ago, we reported that John Turturro’s current project, which is entitled Going Places, was actually a spin-off of the cult Coen Brothers film The Big Lebowski. It would follow his sex-crazed character Jesus Quintana and would also double as a remake of a French film of the same name.

Unfortunately, the following photo that’s just hit the web can’t really confirm or deny that rumor, but it is, without a doubt a picture of John Turturro on the set of said film.

Take a look below:

Sadly, the image is too low-quality and too black-and-white to really give us any good information go to off of. We can certainly make out that that’s Turturro standing next to the car, but as to whether or not that’s actually Jesus Quintana he’s playing…that’s harder to tell.

Either way, it’s a question we likely won’t have for too long. The rumored plot of the film follows:

“two petty thieves, Turturro’s Jesus and [Bobby] Cannavale’s Petey, compete to give a woman (Tautou) her first orgasm after she’s roped into their hijinks. Sarandon also ends up in their company, playing a criminal who just got out after a long stint in prison.” 

Does this new photo seem like it either confirms or denies the rumor of a Big Lebowski spin-off to you? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: SusanLovesJack