– by Campbell Clark

The DCEU has been in a bit of a mess recently, since the flop of Justice League, it seems hard to pin down exactly what’s coming next. One of the movies we have seemingly known of for a while was Flashpoint, the first movie to feature The Flash played by Ezra Miller in the lead role. Yet, at the same time, we have had directors and writers come and go, leaving the project status somewhat ambiguous.

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We are now hearing more about what is next for the DCEU, with Walter Hamada taking over the decision making reins of DC at Warner Bros. In a recent report by THR, the outlet says that the Flash movie, which may or may not have dropped the Flashpoint name,  is set for some serious tonal changes.

Flashpoint, both in comics and animation, was always a rather dark story of the dangers of messing with time travel. New directors John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein (Game Night) are apparently instead looking to Back to the Future as a touchstone for the project. This would be a massive shift from the source material in terms of the tone if true. Of course, they could be simply referring to the actual way changing time in BTTF affects the world for the lead characters in those movies, it’s hard to define exactly what this means right now until we hear more.

It’s also possible that WB is looking to go much lighter and carefree with a hope of attracting the family audience that Marvel enjoys. I wouldn’t put it past WB to go completely in the other direction and end up with another disaster, the problem at WB seems to me, to be that the people making decisions don’t seem to know much about telling stories?

Perhaps I am getting my underwear in a twist over nothing and reading too much into these comments, but as much as I love Back to the Future, I don’t think it’s tonally the right match for Flashpoint.

Flashpoint will begin production finally in early 2019. As always share your thoughts on this news in the usual place below.

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