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Don’t worry, Flash fans. Despite the countless delays, director turnovers, and rewrites, DC and Warner Bros. fully intend to give us that Flashpoint movie. But when are they hoping to do so, and what sort of things can we expect from it?

That Hashtag Show has the scoop, and while any of it is subject to change (given that this news came before directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley hopped on, and things seem to change over there on a near-daily basis), it’s all very interesting nonetheless.

The studio hopes to begin shooting in the second half of this year in London, where they filmed Justice League. The budget seems to be more modest, stated to be north of $100 million (though there’s no clarification as to HOW north of $100 million it’ll be).

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Returning are Ray Fisher (reprising his role as Cyborg), Billy Crudup as Henry Allen, and even Kiersey Clemons — who was cut from Justice League — is on board as of late 2017. The report also gives us some supporting characters:

“The supporting cast will include Officer Fred Chyre, a Keystone City cop in the comics, who will be working with Allen to investigate the death of Jonathan Chambers, aka Johnny Quick. Detective Jared Morillo, Chyre’s partner in the comics, is also set to appear.”

In addition, Caitlin Snow will be appearing in a lead role. Will she end up as Killer Frost? Who knows?

Doctor Arthur Light is set to be the main villain of the film, but Captain Cold and Heatwave will also show up in an adversarial capacity as well.

Needless to say, if all of this is true, this will end up being quite the crowded film!

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SOURCE: That Hashtag Show

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