– by Emmanuel Gomez

   Over and over again we have talked about how these DC Rebirth titles are a great jumping on point for new or returning readers. This is also the case for Hellblazer and for once this is my first Hellblazer book I have ever picked up. My only exposure to John Constantine is through some of his appearances in Justice League Dark and the television show. In this issue John goes back home to London to LITERALLY face his demon. What makes John so interesting is his unorthodox approach to defeating his foe. It seems like he would be just as content if he beats the demon or not. There is not much else to this issue other than a brief appearance by Wonder Woman, Shazam and Swamp Thing. I am very curious to see John’s attitude in the upcoming issues as threats get tougher and more complicated. I was not that big of a fan of the artwork but it seems to fit the book pretty well. If anyone has any suggestions of some classic Hellblazer I should read feel free to leave it in the comments. Until then I will look forward to the next issue. 

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Simon Oliver

Artist: Moritat

Colorist: Andre Szymanowicz