Four TMNT Figure Sets NECA Should Consider Releasing Next

Four TMNT Figure Sets NECA Should Consider Releasing Next

If you grew up in the 80s you must have followed TMNT. They were everywhere! I am a HUGE fan. Still have a majority of the figures, vehicles, playsets, comics, movies, etc. You name it, I probably have it. The current IDW comic series is excellent as well. It combines dark and lighter elements. It is a great mix of the original 80s series cartoon and early, darker Mirage Comics styles, with Archie Comics characters as well. Speaking of, NECA has created some amazing figures. Sure, many reflect those we had growing up. However, the updated details as well as new characters are outstanding! At SDCC, NECA released their next batch including new figures such as Renet, Utrom, Jagwar, Dredmon, and The Last Ronin among others. With this new, awesome, batch being released, let’s take a look at four future sets I would like to see.

Bebop and Rocksteady’s Gang

Bebop and Rocksteady are characters already out. You can find them not only in their mutated state, or in human form as well. But what about their gang? Scrag already has some love. He can be found in his human state with a changing bat-head for his mutation.

Four packs of figures are already available by NECA. With Bebop, Rocksteady, and Scrag out, the rest of the gang needs some love. Grunt (lizard), Dopey (shrew), Dumbo (dog) could come out as a three-pack or as a four-pack with Scrag.

This is a group I always wanted to see more of in the original cartoon /comic series. They are in a few of the original TMNT cartoon episodes. After they are mutated though, they are never to be seen again. The gang does make a subtle appearance in the IDW comic series. However, I would love to see them take on a more prominent role alongside Bebop and Rocksteady. This could be a way to give them more of a push.

Gen and Ino

The next two NECA should come out with may be a bit more obscure to some. Usagi Yojimbo is the wonderful Stan Sakai creation. Usagi is no stranger to TMNT. There are numerous crossovers in games, toys, video games, etc. NECA already has a Usagi figure. Gen and Ino are two from the Usagi universe.

Gen is probably a little more known. While he is a staple in Sakai’s comic series, he does appear with TMNT. The rhino bounty-hunter with half a horn is in the 2003 TMNT series. Gen and Usagi are not only in Season 3, but Gen gets his own action figure during the time.

While there are many others from the Usagi franchise I could choose, I always enjoyed Ino. The blind pig who wears a prosthetic nose is somewhat Daredevil-esque. However, he and Usagi have not always been on the same side. While this may be the earlier case, he does sacrifice himself for Gen. Gen and Usagi then go on the save Ino. These interactions make for fun connections that could fit some of the more obscure figure releases by NECA.

Second Mutation TMNT and Kirby

There are comics that have done extensions from films that never saw the light of day. Batman 89 is one of these. Fans are able to get an idea of what Tim Burton’s third film could have looked. Once TMNT III was released, Eastman and Laird were developing ideas for a fourth film.

Although it never saw the light of day, the next mutation was set to take place. Splinter and the turtles were set to have a second mutation which would give each of them unique powers. Leo (morph into a chrome form), Don (telepathy), Mikey (transformation into human form), Raph (monster-like), and Splinter (a super rat). Shredder would also have some new abilities due to ingesting the mutagen in TMNT II.

Four TMNT Figure Sets NECA Should Consider Releasing Next

The other character created for the would-be film is a fifth turtle, Kirby. The character gets its name from the famous Jack Kirby who is an influence of the creators. Now it is unclear whether Kirby is a friend or foe. However, there is a good deal of concept art to work from for all of the characters. NECA could come out with the characters individually, or as a larger set. It would be great to see these ideas brought to life!

Venus de Milo and Jennika

Four TMNT Figure Sets NECA Should Consider Releasing Next

I know it’s usually ladies first, but I also wanted to save the best for last. Let’s start with Venus de Milo. Yes, I know she got a good deal of hate from her introduction on the TMNT TV show The Next Mutation. However, a good deal of that also comes from the poor writing, execution, and the suits. She is reintroduced in the IDW series with a stronger, darker approach. It definitely is more intriguing with the tone of the comic series. Releasing her with one of the most popular, current characters could lead to some great sales!

Four TMNT Figure Sets NECA Should Consider Releasing Next

The newest character on the block, who has a strong following, is Jennika. She has faired much better than Venus de Milo originally did. There interactions with the two in the IDW series, which looks to be interesting. Jennika, and the tone/backstory she carries, has made her an instant hit. There is yet to be any figures made of her. Yet, she is one that is heavily anticipated for NECA to create.

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Do you have any of the NECA figures? What do you think of their series releases? Would you like to see any of the characters above receive figures? Who did I leave out? Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

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