– by Joseph Jammer Medina

As we reported yesterday, there’s been much ado about Gal Gadot supposedly bringing the hammer down on Warner Bros. and Brett Ratner. According to a report from Page Six, Gadot had refused to sign on to Wonder Woman 2 without assurances that Brett Ratner’s Ratpac-Dune Entertainment production company would not be involved with the film.

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Warner Bros. since stated that the report was false, and now, speaking with ET, both Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and Gadot herself said their piece on the matter.

Jenkins said:

“That whole thing happened weeks ago, so that actually had nothing to do with Gal. That was a foregone conclusion, I think. I was surprised by that story.”

So there you go. There was, in fact, no ultimatum from Gadot to Warner Bros., as awesome as that would have been.

Speaking to that, Gadot said:

“Look, there’s been a lot written about how I feel and my views about this topic, and everyone knows how I feel about it. And the truth is there are so many people involved with making this movie, and they all have echoed the same sentiments.”

This has all come on the heels of accusations against producer Brett Ratner, who was been accused of sexual harassment (and more) by six women, as well as accused of outing X-Men: The Last Stand actress Ellen Page while at a cast and crew meet and greet.

With all that controversy surrounding him, it makes sense that it wouldn’t have taken Wonder Woman herself to convince Warner Bros. to move on.

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  • Moby85

    This is really tough when you’re a fan. On one instance there seems to be an epidemic with sex assault or harassment within Hollywood. And I’m someone who believes where “there’s smoke there’s fire” – and the room is full of soot right now.

    But I also believe in the legal process, innocent until proven guilty. I’m worried in our rightful defense of these women we’re creating a narrative where an accusation will always equal guilt. In some cases such as with Kevin Spacey, the accused more or less confesses. But in other cases careers could be destroyed over unproven allegations.

    Perhaps the best thing to come forward from this is that there’s a big spotlight on the issue now and horny producers will be more cautious.

    P.S. Who in their right mind would assault Gal Gadot? She’d kick your @ss.

    • AmiRami

      Keep in mind that being fired for sexual harassment is not really a legal matter. Innocent until proven guilty is for a court of law not a corporation. WB has every right to never hire Ratner again for whatever reasons they choose.

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