– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Right now, Game of Thrones fans are certainly chomping at the bit for extra content. This year’s season has long since wrapped up, next season has been delayed until next summer, and who knows when writer George R.R. Martin will be able to finish The Winds of Winter, the long-awaited sixth book in the series. To make matters worse, the next two seasons will both be reduced in size, with Season 7 clocking in at seven episodes and Season 8 clocking in at around six to eight episodes, instead of the usual 10 episodes we’ve been getting.

If Hollywood has proven anything, however, it’s proven that they’re willing to find creative ways to utilize the material they’re working with. In certain cases, they’ve managed to stretch a story from a single book over multiple films (The Hobbit), and in others, they’ve opted to create loosely-related spinoffs to help keep the rabid fans hungry (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). Given that Game of Thrones is set in a living, breathing world that Martin has put a lot of thought into, it’s not unreasonable that fans could expect to see a prequel series hit the small screen.

In fact, ever since it was realized that Game of Thrones would be finishing its TV run before the books were even completed, it’s been rumored that that was exactly the plan: to cover other eras in the world of Westeros. It’s a land with lots of history, and as such, it has a lot of ground to explore. But are these rumors based at all in reality? Speaking with TV Guide, Martin clears the air a bit while speaking with the press at the Emmy Awards media center.

“Well I do have thousands of pages of fake history that have led up to Game of Thrones. At the moment, we still have a show to finish and I still have two books to finish. So for now, that’s all speculation.”

While Martin has all but confirmed that no one has taken any steps to make this a reality, the fact is, they have plenty of time to act should they decide to go this route. They still have two seasons to finish, and as such, it’s better that they keep their focus on that, and make the series finale as good as it can be.

Notice that Martin didn’t say no to this outright. Like author J.K. Rowling with the Wizarding World, Martin has plenty of material to pull from, and should it be in everyone’s best interest you bet they’d do it. Martin is nothing if not a practical man, and if he believes the material is worth bringing to screen, then it’ll likely happen.

Even better, this will help give Martin some extra time to finish his book. So long as there is something Game of Thrones-related on the screeen when he releases the final book, odds are good that it’ll do wonders to boost book sales (not that Martin is solely focused on booting book sales).

What do you think? Can you imagine Martin allowing HBO to make a prequel series? If so, is this something you’d want to see?

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