– by Joseph Jammer Medina

GAME OF THRONES is certainly winding down. A couple weeks ago, it was revealed that the SERIES ONLY HAD 13-15 EPISODES left in its run, and shortly after that, it was also revealed that SEASON 7 WOULD BE DELAYED due to weather problems. HBO and the showrunners certainly don’t seem to be in any big rush to push the last two seasons out the door, and that’s okay. After all, it’s probably best to keep GAME OF THRONES in the conversation for as long as possible, especially since we’re looking at a reduced number of episodes per season.

But when can we expect the series to make its triumphant return? According to HBO, instead of the normal March/April premiere, we can expect the series to return summer 2017. They weren’t specific on the dates. Weather is always unpredictable, so it’s probably best to give as big a window as possible, but that puts it at least a few months behind its normal schedule.

The bigger piece of news came in the reveal of the number of episodes we could expect in season 7. So how many are there? Again, according to HBO, we can expect season 7 to contain 7 episodes. If the 13-15 episode estimation is correct, that would leave about 6-8 episodes left in season 8.

It would be easy to say that this fact is disappointing to fans, but for the hardcore fanatics, I’d say this is good news. There’s nothing worse than a show that overstays its welcome, and considering how grand in scope the whole of GAME OF THRONES is to begin with, it’s great that they’re going out with exactly the number of episodes needed to finish the story they’re trying to tell. The advent of cable TV allows for such differentiation, and any true fan of the material would be happy that they’re working to maintain a level a quality, rather than an episode count.

What do you think of all this? Are you happy with the premiere schedule and episode count for season 7 of GAME OF THRONES? Let us know in the comments down below!

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