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Love Ghostbusters? Well, then you may wanna look away, because I doubt that anything I have to say here will do anything for you. In fact, it may very well turn you off to the whole idea of a Ghostbusters 3 film altogether (if you haven’t been turned off already). Seriously. I couldn’t care less about the franchise as a whole and even I know a lot of what we’ve been hearing isn’t good news for big fans.

While there was a dose of skeptic optimism when Ghostbusters 3 was announced, it was quickly followed up by some questionable rumors. These rumors revolved around a young cast being put front-and-center of the film. This is in stark contrast to many wanting a slightly older cast (maybe 20s or 30s) to help carry the legacy forward. But they couldn’t possibly be true, right?

Well, we’re getting more indications that yes, they are, in fact, true. This new report comes from HN Entertainment, who claims to have snatched up a couple of character breakdowns. Here’s what they have:

“UNNAMED (LEAD BOY 2) To play 12 years old. Slender, pale, dark hair, piercing blue eyes, aquiline features, high cheekbones, withdrawn. He’s prodigious — bright, witty, stubborn, and remains playful in spite of hardship. He is also a brilliantly quick thinker under pressure, is at ease with technology, and has a high facility for problem-solving.

“UNNAMED (LEAD GIRL 2): To play 13 years old. Fun-loving, a bit of an airhead. Always curious, haunted, charmed, dazed.”

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So those are the two other character leads we’ll supposedly be getting in addition to the ones we got last month. If you don’t recall, here’s how those characters were described.

“Sony and Jason Reitman are also currently casting two of the young leads which include the roles a 13-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl. The unnamed teenage boy character is described as a conspiracy theorist that is really into fantasy. The pre-teen girl certainly sounds like a Jason Reitman character, for sure, a science kid that has trouble connecting with others on an emotional level, understanding feelings and not be aware how hurtful her comments can be.”

Resident Ghostbusters fanatic Fox Troilo continues to hate everything he hears about this. In fact, I was told I could quote him on the following incredibly eloquent insight: “Young kids in 3 is still dumb.”

And while I don’t personally care too much about Ghostbusters myself, it’s clear that he’s not completely off the mark. Ghostbusters is a very specific type of film, and if these character breakdowns are any indication, the dry aspects of the original will not be carrying over to the movie. But, honestly, it doesn’t seem like Sony cares what fans think. They want this thing to go wide. They want that Jumanji money. And if the best way to get it is to cast young ‘uns, then so be it.

But what do you think of these descriptions? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: HN Entertainment

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