– by Campbell Clark

Glass releases to the general public on January 18th and despite a heck of a lot of hype for this movie, we already know that early reviews and the seemingly all-important Rotten Tomatoes score have lowered fan’s expectations.

LRM covered both a smattering of early reviews along with the RT score previously, and yet as far as I can tell, most of us here still really want to see this movie. I think in general fans are hoping that whilst this might have not met critics expectations, it may turn out to be a pretty fun climax to this strange trilogy.

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This latest clip above certainly piques my interest. There is not much context to place this scene, but it seems like this is Mr. Glass and The Beast starting to team up against David Dunn aka The Overseer.

Whilst I cannot speak to the quality of the overall movie, I cannot help enjoying what little I see here of Samuel L. Jackson’s Elijah and James McAvoy’s Wendell Crumb. McAvoy seems great again and I always loved Jackson’s version of a super villain.

Of course, what I haven’t seen yet is much of anything from the movie’s protagonist played by the veteran Bruce Willis.

I guess what I’d like from this movie is a relatively fun superhero affair, with some moments for these actors to really chew up the scenery. So far it seems to be leaning that way, but we can’t ignore that any movie stands on its story. And I cannot ignore that the movie in my head is simply not a movie I expect M Night. Shyamalan to make. I’m just hoping to be entertained for a couple of hours if nothing else.

What do you think of this latest clip, are you still excited for Glass or have the negative reviews made you think twice?

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