– by Emmanuel Gomez

It’s amazing to see the strength of some characters in film over decades. Although very cheesy at times, Godzilla has now been around for over 60 years. First brought to life by Toho Company in 1954. Later he was re-imagined by director Roland Emmerich in the American film titled Godzilla. This version of the classic monster was not received well by fans of the films. Then in 2014 Gareth Edwards took the helm of Godzilla’s American reboot and the start of Legendary Picture’s “MonsterVerse”, which we now know also include’s the legendary King Kong.

With Godzilla continuing to entertain fans worldwide, IGN reported that a new Godzilla film would be released in theaters in Japan and then later also be released on Netflix. The movie is being made by a Japanese anime studio called Polygon Pictures. They will be attempting to re-imagine the character in a futuristic world. It is being directed by Kobun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshita with a screen play by acclaimed anime writer Gen Urobuchi. The Godzilla anime Twitter account released some concept art that can be seen below.

Although Godzilla has always had a huge fan base, I find it interesting how much attention he has been getting recently. With the American film doing well, he will now set to face off in the near future with King Kong. Last year the film Shin Godzilla (also known as Godzilla: Resurgence) was released by Toho, and now he will also be terrorizing Netflix. Where do you place Godzilla on a list of classic movie monsters?

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Sources: IGN, Twitter