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FOX’s Batman prequel series, Gotham, has been renewed for a fourth season, TVLine is reporting. The popular show is set in Gotham City and shows what life there was like before the Batman, when Bruce Wayne was still an awkward teenager.

The move by FOX doesn’t come as shocking news as even though the show has experienced a drop in ratings this season, (down 15-20% from Season 2) it has always done well since its debut in 2014.

The show has brought captivating performances in the portrayal of some iconic Batman villains, namely The Penguin, and The Riddler, both played brilliantly by Robin Lord Taylor and Corey Michael Smith respectively.

Oswald Cobblepot, better know as The Penguin, has risen to the top of Gotham City after starting out as a meek errand boy for one of Gotham City’s most prevalent crime bosses, Fish Mooney. 

The turn of the Edward Nygma into The Riddler was superbly handled by the showrunners, as fans were treated to the character’s slow descent into madness. Starting out in forensics for the Gotham City Police Department, Nygma’s psychological issues intensified and eventually led to him adopting the moniker, The Riddler.

The life of a young Commissioner Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie, is also chronicled throughout the show, showing the chaos a law enforcement officer must deal with in a mad city like Gotham City. Gordon and young Bruce Wayne have a very close relationship. This also explains the city’s need for a vigilante like Batman, and shows why Gordon chooses to work with the Batman.

Now that fans have seen two major Batman villains come fully into their iconic personas, they are left wondering if we will ever get see The Bat during the series run.

Currently, Bruce Wayne is still in his teens on the show, and while his genius level intellect, and good sense of morals are definitely present, the heir to the Wayne fortune is still naïve in many areas. Learning the ins and outs of the streets from his friend Selina Kyle, who will one day become Catwoman, young Master Wayne is preparing to embrace the cape and cowl he is destined for and become the hero that the city truly needs.

Is it possible at some point, Gotham could experience a significant jump in time, making Bruce Wayne roughly in his mid 20’s, and chronicling his early days as a young, inexperienced Caped Crusader?

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