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Season 4 of Fox’s Gotham’s theme so far has been transformation. Bruce Wayne has suited up as a vigilante, Selina is working as a thief and Jonathan Crane has transformed into the Scarecrow. Not to mention the growth in Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot as well as other characters, but it looks like a lot of the focus is finally going to be on Bruce Wayne.

Last week’s episode showed Bruce Wayne, played by David Mazouz, playing several parts like a billionaire brat, a vigilante and did some classic detective work while undercover. But according to ScreenRant, this transformation is only the beginning for Bruce as they caught up with Mazouz at New York Comic Con this past weekend. A transformation that involves Bruce reconnecting with Ra’s al Ghul:

“Bruce’s relationship with Ra’s is going to be the most important relationship he has actually this year. Ra’s is going to take the last strand of boyish innocence that Bruce possesses and snap it in two — very soon actually. You’re not going to have to wait long to see that…Because of a very tragic episode that happens with Bruce and Ra’s, he’s going to transform as a human and he’s never going to be the same ever again. He’s really going to lose all of his naivety, all of his innocence, and he’s going to see the world for what it is, this unforgiving, disgusting place and especially Gotham — it’s 10 times that.”

In Batman mythology we know that Ra’s al Ghul plays a key part in Bruce’s transformation into The Dark Knight. We will have to wait and see what tragedy awaits Bruce that will push him farther away from that innocent boy and more into that classic Bruce Wayne that we all know. Whatever it is it will also further bring out that bratty billionaire character that we saw in the last episode:

“What we saw in the last episode…that was just a tease. It’s going to go six hundred million times that in coming episodes and coming scenes. Bruce is going to become a different person. Because of a tragedy that happens, it’s going to change him and it’s going to turn him into that person. He becomes somebody that nobody should be proud of, and that Alfred definitely isn’t proud of, and it gets really dark but it’s been so much fun to play.”

One of the best things about Gotham has been the relationship between Bruce and Alfred. It will be interesting to see how it changes as Bruce’s character grows. I look forward to seeing more of Bruce Wayne in the upcoming episodes as well as Fox’s take on Ra’s al Ghul’s influence on him. What do you think of this Season so far?

Gotham can been seen on Thursday night on FOX.


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Source: ScreenRant