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We just recently saw the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 trailer, that gave us quite a good look at Ego, The Living Planet, including the surface of the planet itself (if you had a good eye) and also we further learned about Nebula’s status, as she was seen in handcuffs, at least at one point, and we discovered that Yondu does seem to betray the Ravagers — or vice-versa.

However, there was not too much more information on the actual roles of the main five characters in the film. Yesterday, Cinemablend set down with James Gunn (director/writer) during Los Angeles press day for his upcoming movie The Belko Experiment, and he was asked some questions about the main characters roles in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, and where the movie will take each character in their story arc.

Star-Lord (Peter Quill)

“That’s the first thing people say when they see the movie. The first movie was about Peter Quill, and the second movie has every single character have a complete arc, a complete story. They each learn something. It’s a story about Peter Quill, with his father, but also his abusive step-father, Yondu.”

The poster has been out for some time now showing the three new Guardians; Yondu, Nebula, and Mantis, so this comes as no surprise that there will be a lot more screen time with the newely mohawked Yondu. Remember, at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu flew off saying, “That guys an a**h***,” so is it possible that the real threat of the movie, after Ayesha, is actually Ego itself?


“It’s about Nebula’s relationship with her sister, Gamora, and how that’s not all that we saw in the first movie. It’s a lot deeper and more complicated than that. We thought in the first movie that Gamora was the good guy, and Nebula’s the bad guy, but that really isn’t the whole story.”

LRM has already reported that this will be a sister story, but is Gunn telling us here that the roles may be reversed? Perhaps I am reading into this a little too much, but there is definitely something else going on here. What could it be? Has Thanos been playing the Guardians this entire time? I doubt it, but maybe Gamora has her own ulterior motives.

Rocket Racoon

“I think it’s a story about this poor little Rocket, who is in search of a father and in search of a somebody to give a shit, who cannot find it – and maybe does a little bit with Michael Rooker’s character.”

So after being “torn apart and put back together over, and over” it is easy to see that Rocket has issues. Now it seems he needs a father figure more than just Star-Lord, and by Peter finding Ego, does this make him bond further with Yondu? This may be what causes Yondu to get a soft side, and cause turmoil between the Ravagers. I would have thought he would bond more with Drax, but maybe Yondu is more of a sympathetic character thaneveryone first surmised.

Drax the… Caretaker?

“It’s about Dave Bautista and Mantis together, who become on the one hand close friends, and then on the other hand she’s a surrogate daughter for the daughter that was murdered.”

It has been reported that we will see no Thanos and no Infinity Stones in this movie, so Drax’s ultimate mission has to wait, but surely he still mourns the loss of his family. Judging by this quote, Drax will take Mantis under his wing, and act as her protector — which is bad news for anyone that wants to cause her harm


“And of course Baby Groot’s relationship with all of them, they are the worst parents in the entire world! Who else brings a two-year-old son into a giant battle with a giant monster? Terrible parents! And maybe Gamora and Rocket are better than the other two. The other two are terrible. All of those things come together in a way that seems pretty magical.”

I still think we may see a Groot-Army, as I referenced in my Top 5 Groot quotes, but until then it appears he will need a babysitter, I still think Drax may be best at this, but I could also see Gamora take up a parenting role and becoming very protective — providing she stays on course as the hero she should be.

I can not wait for this movie, and this is easily my most anticipated film of the year. The trailer actually made me drool, with a dropped jaw (true story – thank god they don’t ask me to do reaction videos), and I am on the edge of my seat waiting in anticipation. What do you faithful movie-goers think? Are you as excited as I am. Could Ego end up being the actual villain of the movie? Let’s hear from you.

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Source: Cinemablend

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