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Before Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters a couple years back, no one really knew how it would perform at the box office. Not many people were familiar with the property — heck, even a lot of those comic book fans who knew about it didn’t read the darn thing. How could Marvel expect audiences to click with movie?

With amazing spectacle and a whole lotta heart, that’s how. 

The film may not have had the nostalgia effect of, say, Spider-Man or Captain America: The First Avenger, but while those films survived off the strength of its source material, Guardians of the Galaxy seemed to survive on what it did differently from its own source material. In true Marvel Studios fashion, they took the hero-first approach, getting us to care about a band of rogues that included a talking raccoon and a walking tree named Groot.

Groot was a runaway success, and this was a success that was bolstered by the character’s selfless sacrifice that resulted in his demise. Luckily for us, a single root survived, and in the film’s closing minutes, we were all treated to an adorable dancing Baby Groot. 

Fast forward to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and it seems as though one of the big standouts for the sequel was the still-adorable Baby Groot.

Speaking with Collider, actor Vin Diesel discussed some of the differences we can expect out of Groot in this film compared to the last.

“Yeah, there is a difference. He couldn’t be more naive as Baby Groot. I always think of the Groot that we saw on the first Guardians as a college-level Groot, so he’s not fully grown yet, but he’s a man. And once he sacrifices himself at the end of hte movie, now he has to start all over, so to speak, but we’re gonna see this goofy, adorable, baby Groot thing running around the screen and just learning as he goes.”

Diesel then talked a bit about the unique prospect brought about by the fact that Groot has so few lines.

“I think people are gonna love this movie. I think people are gonna love Guardians. I know that, on the first one, I, like, recorded six different languages, and now James Gunn wants to increase the number of languages we do this in. So, every ADR-ed line, every moment in the movie I have to do like 15, 16 time sin different languages — which are cool because, you know, it means that my voice is being heard in countries where that’s no t always the case, even with big movies that you do, like xXx or Fast [& Furious]. It’s usually voice actors in respective markets that say your lines and that’s not necessarily what the character is always. So, I love that, but it definitely makes it much more challenging.”

Are you looking forward to Baby Groot? How do you think his voice will sound? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Collider