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Guillermo del Toro is currently getting a new series for Netflix together, and today he made a big splash with an announcement regarding its cast. The series is called TROLLHUNTERS, and it’s a family-friendly venture that brings Del Toro and DreamWorks Animation together for an event series slated to come out later this year on the streaming giant.

“Creator and executive producer Guillermo del Toro has announced initial casting on Trollhunters, his epic family event series premiering in December 2016 on Netflix. The announcement was made today at theAnnecy Animation Festival in Annecy, France during a career retrospective discussion with del Toro.

Trollhunters features a tale of two fantastical worlds set to collide in an epic saga.  Set in the fictional suburb of Arcadia, our unlikely hero, Jim, and his two best friends make a startling discovery that beneath their hometown lies a hidden battle between good trolls and bad, the outcome of which will impact their lives forever.

The cast includes Anton Yelchin as “Jim,” an ordinary teenage boy whose discovery of a mystical amulet sets his life on a course filled with high-stakes adventure; Kelsey Grammer as “Blinky,” a kind-hearted troll who befriends Jim; and Ron Perlman provides the voice of “Bular,” a sinister troll who targets Jim and his friends for battle. Featuring stunning visuals and ambitious, complex storytelling from the rich and creative mind of Guillermo del Toro, Trollhunters raises the bar for family series as a global must-see viewing event for the entire family.

Trollhunters is produced by DreamWorks Animation for Netflix. Guillermo del Toro, Marc Guggenheim (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow) and Christina Steinberg (Rise of the Guardians, National Treasure) serve as executive producers. Dan Hageman (The Lego Movie) and Kevin Hageman (The Lego Movie) are co-executive producers, and Chad Hammes (Dragons: Race to the Edge) serves as producer.”


So it looks like Kelsey Grammer, Ron Perlman and Anton Yelchin will top line this thing. Not bad! And maybe if this thing hits, it’ll give Del Toro and Perlman the ammo they need to get HELLBOY 3 off the ground. Who knows?

TROLLHUNTERS will premiere on Netflix in December 2016.

SOURCE: Netflix/Dreamworks