– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Grant Gustin, who’s the star of The CW’s “THE FLASH” took to twitter yesterday to put a big rumor to rest. The actor recently “Liked” a few tweets from fans voicing that they’re frustrated that he won’t be playing The Flash in DC’s big screen projects that feature the character. Some interpreted this as Gustin being disgruntled and lashing out against Ezra Miller- who Zack Snyder handpicked to be the cinematic Barry Allen. 

Gustin got wind of this and decided to squash it immediately with this tweet:

Here’s the image attached to the tweet, which contains the full text of what he wants to convey to fans around the world.

It certainly is an interesting scenario that DC has created here. With “ARROW” and THE FLASH becoming extremely popular entities on the small screen, and with Warner Bros’ plans to turn the DC brand into a huge slate of tentpole films that are completely separate from the TV shows, there will soon be pop culture duplicates of characters like Bruce Wayne, The Joker, Barry Allen, and possibly Oliver Queen and Kara Zor-El- who all appear in various TV projects. It’s a unique approach, to say the least, to have two concurrent takes on the same characters, and it demonstrates a faith in mainstream audiences that is almost admirable. 

If the fanbases for The CW series are any indication, though, it could also lead to trouble. There are very passionate fans out there who consider Gustin and Stephen Amell “their” Flash and Arrow, and may bristle at WB/DC trying to cast a megawatt spotlight onto someone else playing those roles. 

It’ll be interesting to see how this continues to play out, especially if Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice becomes the zeitgeist-quaking event it has every reason to be. If the world goes crazy of the upcoming slate of DC films, it’ll be an exciting time to see how that helps or hurts the TV shows. Likewise, if the films somehow manage to pull a “GREEN LANTERN” or “SUPERMAN RETURNS” and under-perform, while the series continue to be big hits on TV, would the studio consider trying to change gears and bring its small screen stars to cinemas?

I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds.

How about you?

SOURCE: Twitter

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