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We currently live in a fanboy’s dream. With all the comic book characters that’ve appeared in all the Marvel films to, it’s easy to lose track of them. Chief among those characters may be Pepper Potts. She may have been in all the IRON MAN films, and she may have been the strongest love interests in the MCU to date, but she was also a character that didn’t really show up outside the IRON MAN flicks. She was in a few minutes in THE AVENGERS, but following that appearance, and her role in IRON MAN 3, she largely stayed outside the main plot of the MCU.

In addition to this, of all the actors committed to the franchise, she definitely seemed one of the least interested of the bunch. Last year, she seemed discontent with the disparity in pay between her and co-star Robert Downey Jr in IRON MAN 3, and has also confirmed that her contract is up. This, of course, is always up for re-negotiation. Marvel has done so in the past with actors like Chris Evans and RDJ, so it’s very possible that they’d also do so for Paltrow, but it’s difficult to say. 

So is she in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR? A recent quote from Empire stated that the actress had a “small but key role” in the film. However, a report from Lainey Gossip seems to point in the opposite direction. As mentioned above, Paltrow’s contract ended with IRON MAN 3, and renegotiations seem have been too costly to be worth the effort. So what does that mean for the character?

The outlet continues, stating that Paltrow’s character is mentioned in the film, and that she “casts a shadow over facets of the story.” In essence, Marvel figured out how to use her character without having to re-up Paltrow’s contract. This doesn’t mean Marvel Studios isn’t open to bringingPaltrow back. Should they find her character crucial to another film, they’ll likely open up the gates once more, but until then, we’ll have to settle for the specter of Pepper Potts. 

What do you think of this news that Pepper Potts isn’t in the film? Does it bother you, or are there plenty of other things in the film around to distract you from her absence?

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CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR hits U.S. theaters on May 6, 2016.

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