– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Hollywood seems to be on an eternal quest to take every property that’s ever existed and remake it, reboot, or sequelize it. It’s a trend we’ve grown familiar with as film fans, and despite our gripes, the fact is it makes sense from a business perspective. In a world where competition for your entertainment dollar is at an all-time high, studios and TV networks are willing to take any semblance of recognizability in hopes that audiences will be more willing to give their film or TV series a second glance.

However, while it is easy to be cynical about the entire system, every so often, we get a remake or reboot that makes sense. While I can’t say for sure if this next story does make sense, it is, at the very least, interesting.

According to THR, The Night Manager writer David Farr is hard at work at a TV adaptation of the 2011 film Hanna, which was directed by Atonement helmer Joe Wright, and starred Saoirse Ronan in the lead role. The film centered on Hanna, a teenage girl who was trained from birth to be an assassin by her ex-CIA father, played by Eric Bana. Her mission? To kill senior CIA officer Marissa Wiegler, played by Cate Blanchett. The film itself was an odd mix between fairy tale and thriller, and it’s likely because of that odd mix that the movie didn’t do too hot at the box office, making only around $65 million worldwide. 

It is because of this relatively modest performance that it being picked up is a big surprise. The film wasn’t really beloved by many, and chances are that most audiences are still completely unaware it’s even existed. With that in mind, I’m rather optimistic about this one, as the implication is that Farr has a fantastic idea of how to adapt this material. It’s likely a project founded in creativity, not greed.

But how will he adapt Hanna in a way that it manages to go above and beyond the film on which it is based? That remains to be seen, but given the success of The Night Manager, we think this movie is in pretty solid hands. We do have to wonder if they’ll be keeping some of its quirkier aspects, or if they’ll be stripping those down in favor of a more traditional thriller style. While Hanna was by no means a classic film, its production design and unique tone can’t be dismissed. Here’s hoping those better aspects don’t get overlooked in this adaptation.

What do you think of this news? Have you seen the film Hanna? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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Joseph Jammer Medina is an author, podcaster, and editor-in-chief of LRM. A graduate of Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Television, Jammer's always had a craving for stories. From movies, television, and web content to books, anime, and manga, he's always been something of a story junkie.