– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Hollywood is a big, messy machine. More often than you’d think, scripts are written, rewritten, and rewritten again even as the production is barreling ahead. In an effort to hit a specific release date, and align with the schedules of a talented cast, filmmakers are often forced into quite the creative box. Sometimes, like with the original Iron Man (a lot of which was improv), the end result could be fantastic, but more often than not, it leads to a half-baked product that fans have to convince themselves to enjoy.

That being said, rewrites are such an integral part of the process, that we really shouldn’t be freaking out over them as much as we are. It’s with that in mind that we take a look at a new photo of actress Bryce Dallas Howard on Twitter. The photo shows her reading a new version of what we can assume is Jurassic World 2 (as they are currently filming). As you can see, the last quarter of the script looks to be of a different color from the rest, indicating a potential rewrite of the final act.

Take a look at the photo.

It’s a bit difficult to say what this could mean for the script. According to the WGA, when a script is rewritten, the pages change color based on the revision number. The pages start out white, then go into blue, pink, yellow, green, goldenrod, buff, salmon, cherry, and then the cycle starts all over again. I’m no color expert, but those later pages look to be goldenrod, meaning that it could have had a few more revisions than the first two acts of the script.

Is this something to be concerned about? Again, no. The whole rewrite process is normal for films of this size (as sad as it may be), and with big films like this, third acts are especially hard to pull off. We can only hope that these changes mean they’re baking that third act to perfection sot that it becomes more than your average film.

Of course, this is all near-baseless speculation over a simple photo, but when you have a film as far away from its release as Jurassic World 2, you take what you can get. 

Does this picture worry you in any way? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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