– by Joseph Jammer Medina

No one should mess with Bryan Mills’ family.

They won’t live to regret it.

Liam Neeson reprises his role as the protective father and ex-government operative Bryan Mills. Instead of a family member being taken, Mills is accused of the murder of his ex-wife. With the Los Angele Police Department in pursuit, Mills must find the true assassin and seek revenge…..once again.

As expected, “Taken” fans will not be disappointed with this action-packed movie. The movie has intense car chase scenes, hand-to-hand combat scenes and most definitely gun fights. And there is one impossible scene with driving a police car down an elevator shaft. Impossible, but it is cool to watch it happen.

There is one long deleted scene that is more than seven minutes in length. The extended delete scene provides more of a backstory to Sam Spruell’s villain Oleg Malankov. The flashback scene includes his expedition in Afghanistan to his business relationship with Stuart St. John.

A very unique featurette is something called Sam’s Bunker or better known as The Rabbit Hole. In this animated video, it serves as narrative instruction for Bryan Mills on the high-tech equipment located in the safe house including the in-ear communicator, data extractor, mobile computer and Mill’s signature Berretta M9.

The download movie also includes a four-minute behind the scenes video of the movie’s production of the long car chase scene in Los Angeles. With Olivier Megaton back at the helm, he tries to push the action limits from “Taken 2.”

There is also a five-minute featurette with brief interviews from Neeson and Maggie Grace about being part of the successful franchise over the seven-year period.

As for the film itself, “Taken 3” lacks any originality since the first “Taken” movie. There are plenty of impressive action scenes, but it’s nothing new towards fans who already watched the previous two movies or any name-a-Liam Neeson flick. However, if the formula works—why mess with it?

The third film was thought to be the final movie, but with a successful box office result—do expect “Taken 4” on the horizon soon. So it really didn’t end here.

The Digital HD format is available both on iTunes and Amazon today. The Blu-ray/DVD will be available on April 21. 

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