– by Joseph Jammer Medina

While Guillermo del Toro’s HELLBOY and HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY may have a small, passionate set of fans, the films didn’t exactly set the world on fire at the box office. They were a beloved set of movies, to be sure, but they simply didn’t perform well enough to warrant the studio greenlighting a sequel to the second film.

Since THE GOLDEN ARMY’S release, Ron Perlman, who plays Hellboy in the films, has been a huge advocate of getting a third film underway, essentially pointing out that with every passing year, it gets less likely that he’ll be able to withstand the physical demands of the role. Despite the actor’s campaign to bring a third film into the fold, it looks like even Ron Perlman may be losing heart.

In a recent report from Variety, the outlet states that Perlman has admitted that a HELLBOY III will “probably will never happen, though you never say never never.”

There were no details about why the actor is starting to lose faith, but one could speculate that between all the different projects del Toro is juggling, and the fact that few people are really clamoring for a sequel, that it just doesn’t seem like a feasible project before Perlman gets too old to take on the role.

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SOURCE: Variety

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