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Here I find myself in a pickle again. I’m anti-spoiler, and I haven’t watched any of the new CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR trailers that have dropped since the one that revealed Spider-Man a couple of months ago. But now I feel obliged to share with you this description of what we can expect from the film’s post-credit sequence.

As we’re all well used to by now, Marvel likes to add scenes- sometimes mid-credits, sometimes post- that help connect the film you’ve just seen to what’s to come. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR will be no different. Below is a description of the scene for CIVIL WAR. I copied it, and I will paste it. But I have not read it- and refuse to do so!! 

So here, enjoy, and don’t say a word to me about it:

“The scene opens with Peter Parker playing around with his web-shooters (though these are ones which were seemingly rebuilt for him by Tony Stark) as he has a conversation with his Aunt May. All of a sudden, a red beam shines from it, something he’s forced to hide when she walks into his bedroom. All the while, they’re talking about Peter’s black eye, one he admits he got from a guy called Steve from Brooklyn…yes, THAT Steve from Brooklyn! There’s some fun banter between Peter and his hot aunt – including a subtle reference to Giant-Man – and then Peter shines the beam up at the ceiling, revealing the classic red Spidey logo he would shine on criminals in the comics, only it’s now some sort of computer interface. The screen goes to black, and we see “Spider-Man will return.

Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR will arrive in theaters on May 6.