– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Things don’t seem to be looking great for Justice League this weekend, if a recent report from Variety is to be believed. According to the outlet, Friday is seeing a precipitous fall following a promising $13 million Thursday opening.

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Whereas more recent estimates as of a few hours ago saw the film potentially nearing $120 million, the latest estimates now see the film finishing anywhere from $95 million to $100 million. For a film that likely needs over $600 million-plus to break even, this is an incredibly discouraging figure, especially when you take into account that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a $169 million opening, and that film was received a lot worse than Justice League.

What does this mean for Justice League? Well, a sub-$800 million worldwide gross doesn’t seem out of the picture. This wouldn’t be a bomb by any means (it’d be close to breaking even), but it’s by no means what Warner Bros. was striving to accomplish when they started this universe. By this point, they were likely hoping to hit the $1.5 billion numbers that Marvel’s Avengers hit back in 2012 (or even $1 billion).

If this forecast comes to fruition, that will be very difficult for them to accomplish, which is a shame, since Justice League really sets up a lot of things I’m excited to see. But, before we start crying a river, it’s probably best to ride out the weekend and see how the film performs.

Are you seeing Justice League this weekend? Let us know down below!

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  • Aaron James

    As a rule of thumb, sequels usually make money that reflects how the LAST film was received.

    So, BvS made a ton of cash, because everyone wanted to see Batman and Superman finally square off on the big screen. That was a cultural event! But it was also a very poorly received film, and so it’s entirely within expectations for Justice League to suffer the consequences of that.

    • oh_riginal

      Suicide Squad also has put Justice League in a position to be guilty by association.

      I guess Wonder Woman was a fluke? I thought it would have helped Justice League a lot.

      • Kindofabigdeal

        It helped about 1/6 of the movie.

      • SeanDon

        True, I personally found Suicide Squad more disappointing than Batman V Superman and left a worst taste in my mouth.

        I have tickets for Justice League tomorrow, but if it’s garbage DC will get no more money from me until the movie is sitting in Redbox.

      • Aaron James

        It probably did. It’s likely that Justice League would be making even less if Wonder Woman had sucked.

      • Derek NOLA

        how do you know that wonder woman didnt help out? maybe it would have been far worse without it

    • Victor Roa

      Fast and the Furious is a good example of this.

  • FeixPunk

    I wonder if they’ll fast track Flashpoint to reboot, or will they just ignore these past films and go with a disconnected universe in the future, and every now and then do a JL movie. They could even use different actors for the heroes.

    • Ryan Johnson

      I can guarantee you Flashpoint is not happening

      • FeixPunk

        Nah, WB has too much pride…. they’re going to force this stuff down the throat so long as it makes $1 in profit.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    So…no more Batfleck in a Batflick?

  • Kronx

    Justice League’s audience reaction number is 86%. That’s pretty encouraging. That puts it right under Wonder Woman’s 89% and well ahead of the other DCU films by a nice margin. The initial critical drubbing may hurt the premiere, but word of mouth could give the film legs.

    • Joseph Jammer Medina

      Fingers crossed that that happens.

      • Aaron James

        Fingers crossed it doesn’t.

        Honestly. I’m not a Marvel fanboy. I don’t read comic books at all. But I did really like the Nolan Batman films, and the Christopher Reeve Superman movies were my favourite films as a kid. So if anything, I’m a DC fanboy.

        But WB and DC really shat the bed with these movies. I’d much rather see them go back to the drawing board and produce something good that limp on with this mess. It’s basically unsalvageable now.

        (Well, it’d be a shame to let Wonder Woman go to waste, so they could keep that as canon and just reboot everything else.)

    • J-man The Great

      Jigsaw’s audience score is at 92% so that number is pretty much meaningless. There isn’t going to be a positive word of mouth because overall the movie isn’t that good. It had some good moments but once again DC’s current iteration of Superman ruins everything. Also, if there is a sequel I hope that Deathstroke does us all a favor and puts Lois Lane out of our misery! She is such a collasal wanker! One more thing…what is the deal with this whole terraforming plot point DC is so obsessed with? Give a friggin’ rest already!

  • Oly Pittman

    Movie sucked

    • J-man The Great

      A clear, concise, accurate and right to the point review!

  • Kevin Motionworkscinema Knight

    I saw the review on tv and it is nothing but a mess. Too much CGI and awful CGI at its best. We need more grounded story telling like captain america 2 and the dark knight trilogy. I will skip this movie this weekend

  • Veteran

    I’m not a fan of a bunch of “fake looking” CGI

  • Rez

    Flashpoint would be a perfect next film that way they can reboot the whole DCEU if it dosent make enough money.

  • Clownprincedetrolls

    So im watching punsiher with my gf whos foreign. Her english isnt the greatest. Get to ep 5 and I see theres a clear torrent of jl up already up. So i put that on so i can see the travesty for myself. Im the very first scene with superman. You get cgi stache. Lmao.. superman comes onto the screen and she immediately says what the f*** is this. Put punisher back on. Lmao she wouldnt even watch a free copy of jl and i couldnt blame her. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1c0f97fd32f642ea07701b5fa96062eebbb1ed4cf9a4ad362c7ed42f04d23951.jpg

  • Atirus Gaming

    Though not a total disaster but it is underwhelming and anti-climatic. All the “showcase” scenes were very low key and that in itself is disappointing.

  • David E

    I went into JL expecting to not enjoy it. I left having actually enjoyed it. Yes the CGI was pretty ugly, yes the villain was Maleketh, but the Justice League building and the characters were very well done….Finally.

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