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House Of The Dragon Episode 8 -Review – The Last Supper

It's time for House of the Dragon Episode 8 review, and I'm calling this one the last supper. But was it any good?

It’s time for House of the Dragon Episode 8 review, and I’m calling this one the last supper. This week we have another 6-7 year time jump. Old Vizzy T is looking rough and after some of the usual in-fighting he wants his family to come together for one last supper for the old king to see his family happy. However we know this is merely the setting of the board with the first moves already being planned.

This will be as where possible a SPOILER FREE review. I might have to mention one or two details, but for the most part I feel like I can express my thoughts without getting into the weeds. So here we go.

The Board Is Set

House Of The Dragon Episode 8 -Review - The Last Supper

After the latest time jump we finally have the pieces we need to truly begin the Dance of Dragons. The Targaryen’s on both sides of the conflict have now grown up. We have on one side Rhaenyra, Daemon, their own younger children and Rhaenyra’s older kids from her previous marriage…well, the bastards anyway. On the other side there is Queen Allicent, her father Otto The Hand, and Vizzy T’s children to Allicent all now fully grown.

The plot this week is all to do with the succession to the Driftmark Throne. As far as Corlys was concerned last week, the title passes to his grandson Lucerys (Luke). However Corlys’s brother is unhappy that someone with no true Valaryon blood will usurp his bloodline. The parentage of Rhaenyra’s two oldest boys remains the catalyst for all of this trouble and that’s not going to change.

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Vizzy T however, the one thing connecting both sides and preventing all out bloodshed is in a bad way. The old man was already struggling with an illness I’ll assume is leprosy. So how is he after another 6-7 years? Ouch, no wonder his servants have him on the smack, that’s gotta be sore in ways most people cannot imagine.

Problem is, whilst Viserys is smacked out his head, the running of the kingdom falls to Allicent and Otto. However Viserys will take charge, one more time at least. In an attempt to settle matters, Viserys wants to protect his grandchildren on all sides and try to have one last family dinner. We’ve said it before and will say it again. We know Vizzy T doesn’t have long left, but I’ll be sorry to see him go. Viserys, again as I’ve said was a relatively good man, though arguably not a great King.

That’s all just set up, so please don’t think I’m spoiling anything in this episode. I’ll not get into in any details on the actual drama itself and how it plays out.

New Cast Any Good?

It's time for House of the Dragon Episode 8 review, and I'm calling this one the last supper. But was it any good?

So far it’s easy to spot the fan favorite of the new cast. Young Aemond, who last week snatched the largest dragon in Westeros, is now an adult eye patch wielding bad-ass. Whereas Jacaerys and Lucerys are adolescent at best and more than likely very scared of their elder cousin. No one is trying to make fun of Aemond now.

If anything Aemond is like the next incarnation of Daemon whilst he’s still around to see it. You can also spot that despite their being a massive wedge between uncle and nephew, there is also a respect there between these two. Both sides now have their fan favorite bad-ass and I can’t wait to see the sparks fly in Season 2.

So far I am less impressed with the change of Aegon from Ty Tennant (son of actor David Tennant) to Tom Glynn-Carney. Perhaps it’s the fact that Aegon didn’t get a whole lot to do this week and Glynn-Carney will grow on me, or not as the case may be for a villainous role. I get that to use Ty again, would now make him look younger than Aemond and it would not work. However, I also have to be honest and say, so far I kinda miss Tennant. The boy has a future, though perhaps that’s to be expected when both your parents are famous actors.

As for Rhaenyra’s ‘Strong’ boys, I feel like we might see another actor change for them yet before we have the final cast list, as both are adolescent at this point. I had zero issues with either of the actors, but as yet the boys are still in the background of proceedings.

Any Good?

It's time for House of the Dragon Episode 8 review, and I'm calling this one the last supper. But was it any good?

I really enjoyed Episode 8, there is only a small slice of action as it were but it was powerful. Instead, as you’d imagine from my description, this was more of a set up episode. However there is a mix of unbearable tension tinged with moments of genuine sadness. The sadness is all from the point of view of the dying Vizzy T who genuinely loves all his family and just wants them all to have happy healthy loves. However when the Iron Throne and who gets to sit next on it is up for stakes, then ambition and desire can take over.

There are one or two stand out moments this week and I always felt like I was on the edge of my seat waiting for fireworks that didn’t come. Those fireworks are coming though, and when it does finally kick off, I’ll guess next week, then it’s going to be one hell of a show.

Special mention of Paddy Considine again this week. Considering the actor has played this role now across a 20 years + period, you really feel the ageing take effect due to his illness. The VFX are fantastic on Viserys, but Considine is just amazing as always.

Final Thoughts

The chess board is set and the players are calculating their opening strategy once the King dies. However despite this being a set up episode it is filled with tension, emotion, excitement and some phenomenal performances from the main cast. The only question that remains is whether the show will stay this good once things kick into overdrive and the true action begins?

I feel like that’s something to discuss in Season 2 though. Unless the final two episode of Season 1 are awful, then you have to say this Season has been great. However, as with Game of Thrones, always look to the penultimate episode for the big shocks, so I am looking for ward to Episode 9 and 10.

Thoroughly enjoyed Episode 8, and I could see it this week as well.


What did you think of my House of the Dragon Episode 8 review? What did you think of Episode 8? Leave your own review below if you can and let us know what you think. There’s space below if you can

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