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One of the big, obvious questions going into about Avengers: Infinity War is: how the hell does it all get started? A whole bunch of stuff happened in last year’s three MCU films — Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok — and there remains a number of dangling and unanswered questions from Captain America: Civil War (and probably a few new ones coming out of Black Panther, too). How this all stitches together is a major issue for the Avengers: Infinity War creative team.

The directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, and the writing team of Markus and McFeely certainly have their hands full juggling all of these other people’s problems. Are they worried? Concerned? Hardly. In fact, they’re looking forward to the challenge, and they’re particularly excited about continuing Thor’s story.

SPOILER ALERT for Thor: Ragnarok!

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Let’s run down the closing scenes from the end of Thor: Ragnarok: the realm of Asgard was destroyed and the surviving Asgardians, including Thor, Hulk, Valkyrie, and Loki, were jetting through the cosmos… until they met up with another, much larger ship (presumably piloted by Thanos and his cadre). That final post-credits scenes suggest that things went poorly for these “Revengers,” as Thor appears to be the sole survivor (he’s not), when he’s plucked out of space by the Guardians of the Galaxy. What gives?

Anthony Russo spoke with ComicBook.com to express his excitement about directing the God of Thunder:

“We’re picking up [Thor’s] story from the end of Thor: Ragnarok… the character is in new territory so to speak, because his past has been torn away from him to a degree. I think it’s very similar to Captain America’s situation when we picked up his story in Winter Solider when Joe and I came on to do our first movie for Marvel. Cap was in a place where we were very much catching him up in the modern world and seeing what that meant to him.”

That’s quite a mouthful, Anthony. These comments also remind us how much of the Avengers storyline remains up in the air. After Captain America: Civil War is there even a standing Avengers team anymore? Are Captain America and his group of renegade heroes still on the run? How will the Hulk re-enter the fray? How do the Guardians of the Galaxy find Thor? So many questions!

Russo continues with his Cap analogy:

“I think in Thor we have similar opportunities with that character in this movie is that he’s going through a radical transformation and he’s moving forward in a way where he can never go back, and that’s always a fun place to be with a character as a storyteller.”

Well, in less than two months we’ll get some new insights, when we peek into Wakanda via Black Panther — if you recall, Cap was laying low, living in exile under T’Challa’s protection. During Civil War’s post-credits scene we also know that Cap sprung his teammates from prison, including Ant-Man, Winter Soldier, and Falcon — so the heat is probably pretty intense for these African-Coast Avengers. So exciting!

Based upon the conclusion of Thor: Ragnarok — and we’re assuming that you’ve seen it by now — Thor is down one eye, his Mjolnir hammer, his father, his ancient home, and probably also his ship full of Asgardian refugees. From the post-credits scene we can also speculate that Thanos has captured Loki, Hulk, and Valkyrie (since only Thor appears on the deck of the Starlord’s ship, the Milano.

How do you think Avengers: Infinity War gets started? Are you excited to pick up Thor’s storyline? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: ComicBook

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