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It is very well-documented how skeptical virtually everyone was about the original Star Wars being a good movie. With all the odd sets and costumes present on set, to many, it looked more like a circus than a movie that’d ever entice mainstream audiences. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that actress Carrie Fisher worried that the film would ultimately taint her career, and going into their first screening, she was more than a little nervous, as her brother Todd Fisher recalled to Yahoo! Entertainment:

“So we’re sitting in the parking lot waiting to go into the screening. Now, this is the first time anybody’s seen anything. This is days before it comes out to the theaters. She’s smoking, chain-smoking, drinking — Coca-Cola in one hand, cigarette in the other hand. She just doesn’t want to go, and I’m like, ‘You know we’ve got to go in.’ I’m sitting there watching the lights go down, you know — literally, doors are closing. ‘We’ve got to go now.’ So I finally get her to put her cigarette out. By this point, there’s nowhere to sit except the front row. So we sit in the front row and it starts, and we watch those titles go by and then the battlecruiser flies over and I looked over, and I had her hand, she was squeezing my hand, panicked. I said, ‘This is no B movie.’”

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Indeed, Star Wars WAS no B movie. In fact, it became the gold standard of what a grade-A blockbuster would ultimately become, shaping the future of the medium in the process. Fisher herself, while she would never go on to play another iconic role like Princess Leia, she did manage a solid career in the biz as a screenwriter — so I suppose the role itself did perhaps negatively affect her prospects as an actress, but I’m not sure anyone would want anything to turn out differently.

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SOURCE: Yahoo! Movies

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