– by Joseph Jammer Medina

With a studio like Marvel, it’s easy to assume that the directors come in, call “action” and “cut,” collect their checks, and walk away. Given the very specific plot points they may need to hit with each entry, it’s not hard for some viewers to believe that the directors bring very little to the table.

However, as some filmmakers like James Gunn and the Russo Brothers have proven, under the right circumstances, Marvel Studios is very much willing to follow through with the visions that the directors provide. From the over-the-top comedy to the bone-crunching action scenes, each director brought a lot to the table, and was able to form the story of their respective films to fit their own sensibilities.

Such is the case with Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi. The traditionally comedy director was able to form-fit the film to his own personal tastes — at least according to his interview with Collider, that’s the case. Here’s what he had to say:

“There were already story ideas when I came on board, but a lot of that changed over the first three or four months. Right from the beginning, [Marvel] wanted to lighten [Thor] a little bit and embrace the adventure aspect of it. The last two films, definitely the last film, were a little darker. Personally I feel if the movie’s called Thor, then Thor should be the best character,. My main focus was making him cool & funny when he needs to be and heroic when he needs to be. If you’ve seen my other films, there’s always a balance between comedy and drama. I think that’s a satisfying story to watch.”

This all sounds like the right direction to take Thor in. I especially like the line regarding the main characters being the best part of the film. This is a trait Pixar walked into Toy Story with with the characters of Woody an Buzz, and it certainly served them well. It’s one that also applies for all great story. While a great supporting cast is also crucial to a film’s success, the importance of a lead character cannot be overlooked.

This is especially the case with Thor, a character whose ridiculousness should be one the main draws to begin with. Turning this story into a more lighthearted adventure seems like a good move, and it’s great to hear that Waititi’s approach with it all was in line with what Marvel wanted.

Do you agree with Waititi that the Thor movies should be more cool and funny than they’ve been in the past? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Collider

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