– by Tim Jousma

Have you ever tried to find a collection of your favorite comics only to find that the price for said comic is more than you’re willing to spend? Marvel and Amazon are here to help you out.

A sale is currently happening on Amazon that sees a decent selection of Marvel Graphic Novels on sale for insanely cheap prices. Books like The Avengers: The Vibranium Collection, which normally prices at $59.99 for the Kindle is priced at $12. That collection is filled with close to 800 pages of Avengers goodness. Think of it like the greatest hits of The Avengers. Another collection, Deadpool: The Adamantium Collection, usually priced for the Kindle at $24.99 and coming in at close to 800 pages, is $5.00. The prices are insane.

Marvel is usually pretty good about making sure the quality of their graphic novels is top notch. Yes, you will get the collected editions of comics that are currently on the newsstands. What I love from Marvel are the collected editions, such as the two I mentioned above as well as their Epic Collections, which bring together a decent sized collection for readers looking to learn about the back story of their favorite characters, bringing together stories for new and old fans alike. Some fans are happy with what’s out now. Some want to read the classics, and even more want to read everything with the characters they love. Marvel gives them what they want.

There is no telling when this sale ends so take advantage of it while you can. There are some steals. While some may not enjoy reading comics on a mobile device, the price point alone should be enough to make you consider a purchase or two.

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SOURCE: Amazon